Comfort, techno and rethought history. Fashion trends fall-winter 2020/21
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Comfort, techno and rethought history. Fashion trends fall-winter 2020/21

At the autumn exhibition MICAM, experts from the British trend bureau WGSN spoke about the trends that will dominate shoe fashion in the fall-winter 2020/21 season. There are three main fashionable topics for shoes: Considered Comfort (“Calculated, thoughtful comfort”) focuses on soft, comfortable materials for home and street shoes; Tech-Tility (“Technological”) focuses on the relationship between real and virtual reality, which uses technological materials and innovations used to create futuristic accessories; The Reconstructed Legacy looks to the past in order to find new ideas and solutions for the future, sharing the emphasis on the sustainable development of the shoe industry.

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Designers are exploring a new relationship between fashion and everything related to home warmth and comfort: multi-purpose accessories, transformer accessories are becoming increasingly popular (for example, slippers that until recently were not considered warm shoes are now suitable for being worn on street). Comfort is now paramount for the consumer, and therefore for designers. We will see many soft, natural, tactilely pleasant materials, textures and forms enveloping like a cocoon. The focus is on the concept of hybrid shoes: the combination of the shape of slippers, slippers with something more premium, for example, with ballet shoes.

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Carefully thought-out comfort reflects the changes that have occurred in the expectations of consumers - now they are paying more and more attention to the choice of clothes. At home, at work or at a party - anywhere it is important to feel comfortable and well-dressed. Due to the fact that the costume is becoming more casual and universal, and street clothes - more and more stylish, the result of such changes is the concept of “informal elegance” in fashion. Hence the overwhelming popularity of casual, athleisure styles. Active, sport trends continue to influence shoes: now hybrid boots have got an updated look due to futuristic finishes and accented, bright colors in pop art style. More traditional colors, combined with modern styles and shapes, create images that are attractive and suitable for everyone.


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The boundaries between real and virtual, genuine and false, truth and fantasies, fiction are blurred. The trendy Tech-tility theme explores the light industry's approach to this issue, to this transformation of the present, of which we are witnesses. The more time we spend in front of the monitor screen, with a smartphone or tablet, the more difficult it is to distinguish between real and digital, and, more importantly, we are no longer interested and not so important to understand this difference.

The color scheme will be the same as in the digital world, but they will be selected equally based on how the colors look on the screen and in real life. Innovative and high-tech materials will be in the spotlight, thanks to “smart” tissues that respond to movements and changes in body temperature. Evolution will give clothes and shoes a more fantastic and fantasy look. It’s enough for a person to simply imagine a sports style that is futuristic or neutral in terms of gender differences, activity clothing designed in such a way that it is able to visually change the body shape and proportions, or conceptual outerwear complete with sneakers that will not look out of place even on the moon and useful for walks "moonwalk" on the crater surface of the Earth’s satellite.

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Under the new scenario, everyday life will become more extreme, and technology more tactile: it is time to rethink the old design principles. Men's fashion, which previously consisted of mixing different styles, now combining real and virtual, the Tech-tility trend expands all concepts even more and becomes very important for the market. While young customers are discovering tailoring clothes and shoes individually, innovations in textiles, leather and other materials and technologies will make even the most formal and rigorous office dress code easier and more comfortable to wear. The trend explores the design, materials, and colors that stand out on monitors and gadget screens. Prints are inspired by glitches and glitches, digital junk and spam, and rainbow polychrome details create ephemeral and even otherworldly effects. Shoes in sports style explode in fluorescent colors, which all the time recalls the "active" origin of the trend.

Reconstructed legacy

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In periods of instability, the past acquires a special areola of romance and irresistible appeal. This trend explores how clothing will interpret the past in the light of the future, but in accordance with current principles of responsibility and sustainable development.

It can be expected that the elegant classics will be charged with a sharper, even punk, look of street clothes, with materials and details taken from the past, but rethought using technological fabrics and more modern forms. New design ideas are based on a sense of value and connection with history. The point is to achieve better quality, not quantity, because the sustainable development model is becoming an increasingly urgent problem for everyone.

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Despite the digitalization of the fashion industry, the past, the history of fashion has always seemed to us as a stable point of reference in an ever-changing world. But in 2021, even the traditions of the past will be updated. Men love to buy things with history, and the Reconstructed Legacy trend confirms these preferences: classic models are redesigned and rethought to adapt them to a more modern way of life, where there is a place for respect for nature. More attention is paid to well-designed, familiar and environmentally friendly accessories.

The use of craft techniques not only in formal, but for expensive street clothing, gives the latter a timeless appeal and turns it into a classic that will be eternal.

At the autumn exhibition MICAM, experts from the British trend bureau WGSN spoke about the trends that will dominate shoe fashion in the fall-winter 2020/21 season. There are three main fashionable topics for shoes: ...
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