Current techniques in lighting a shoe store
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Current techniques in lighting a shoe store

Today, walking through the galleries of shopping centers, we see a variety of formats of offline stores. New concepts of retail spaces attract with an individual, memorable design. In a certain sense, they are an element of the show, a tool through which the buyer receives a new and interesting experience. Together with SR expert in the field of lighting technology in retail, Tatyana Ryzhova, we will look at current lighting design techniques for modern shoe stores, which we will see more and more often in new retail outlets in the near future.

Tatyana Ryzhova Tatyana Ryzhova -

– lighting engineer of the Russian lighting company “Tochka Opory”, specialist in the development of lighting concepts for shoe and clothing stores.,

1. Large luminous surfaces

Illuminated ceilings create a feeling of light pouring from everywhere, expand the space, and send the buyer to images of the open sky or luminous windows. Excellent examples of this lighting concept are sporting goods stores - London's On or Kith in Los Angeles.

On Store, London On Store, London

Luminous surfaces of various shapes and sizes emphasize the idea behind the concept. They focus the attention of visitors, or, conversely, serve as a soft background.

In all formats without exception, large light surfaces are designed to create a comfortable lighting environment for customers and store employees. Ensure seamless product presentation and visibility. Prominent examples are the Both sneaker store in Tokyo and the Cult gaïa boutique in Los Angeles.

Both Store, Tokyo Both Store, Tokyo

About the important things in implementation: When launching a concept with large light surfaces, we recommend paying special attention to the manufacturing quality of the light panel, since due to its large size, even a small defect will be very noticeable. Please pay attention to the following aspects:

  • quality of materials, otherwise the light part may turn yellow over time;
  • dust resistance, since if its level is insufficient, dust and insects can accumulate inside the lighting device;
  • visual comfort - the correct selection of the dimensions of the luminous surface and its brightness are necessary to avoid extremes (when the illuminated space resembles either an operating table or, conversely, a cave).

2. Lines in architecture 

The theme of luminous lines, one way or another, is found in many brands today. They can serve as a decorative function, emphasizing architectural forms, as in the Nodaleto boutique in Miami (USA) or the Milan Hogan boutique...

Nodaleto Boutique, Miami Nodaleto Boutique, Miami

What is important in implementation: when using two or more types of light sources, it is important to pay attention to the interaction and their combination with each other. When choosing and installing lighting fixtures, it is necessary to take into account the uniformity of the glow of the lines and achieve straightness.

3. Local illumination

In addition to general enveloping lighting and targeted accents for a specific product, retail concepts are replete with a variety of local lighting.3
These can be various techniques for illuminating shelves, like the brands Both, Axel Arigato, Camper.

Lighting from the depths of the shelf: Both store, Tokyo Lighting from the depths of the shelf: Both store, Tokyo

Shelf lighting from above: Camper store, Antwerp Shelf lighting from above: Camper store, Antwerp

One of the most stylish lighting designs today is the effect of floating furniture; it was successfully implemented in the new retail concept of the Russian chain brand Mascotte. Other brands that use a spectacular technique in the interior of a retail space are the French luxury brand Chloe, the Portuguese Vila Conde, and the Chinese Millies's.

Mascotte store, St. Petersburg Mascotte store, St. Petersburg

Vila Conde Store, Porto Vila Conde Store, Porto

About the important things in implementation: Remember about the unity of color of all light sources, visual comfort, installation safety and ease of use.

4. Fitting rooms in a special light

The expansion of the range of shoe brands with new groups of products and collaborations are giving rise to a new trend - the placement of a full-fledged fitting room in shoe stores. A direction whose development is interesting both from the point of view of architecture and light. Here again, the new concept of the Russian brand Mascotte is interesting, as well as the Berlin Stratmann boutique or the multi-brand stores of the Swedish fashion retailer The Fitting Room.

Boutique Stratmann, Germany Boutique Stratmann, Germany

About the important things in implementation: The fitting room space for shoe retailers is a new area, the organization of which should take into account many nuances. We recommend carrying out full-scale modeling, which will allow you to determine the combination of lighting equipment and the necessary techniques for a specific fitting area. Simulation can be carried out both in a real-life store and in showrooms of lighting companies.

Today, walking through the galleries of shopping centers, we see a variety of formats of offline stores. New concepts of retail spaces attract with an individual, memorable design. In a certain sense...
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