What decorative items can be used as retail equipment to effectively present shoes and bags?
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What decorative items can be used as retail equipment to effectively present shoes and bags?

More and more often, when we enter a fashionable clothing or shoe store, we see that for the presentation of goods they use objects that are unusual for a retail space - books, paintings, vases, mirrors... In previous issues with SR's resident expert in the field of visual merchandising, store building and commercial display design With Marina Polkovnikova, we analyzed current trends in store design, and in shoe retail in particular, for the next few years. The expert told how to use retail equipment to create a trendy commercial presentation of goods in a store and, at the same time, an atmosphere that is comfortable for customers and encourages them to make purchases. Continuing the topic started in the two previous issues, now let’s look at what other ways there are to update your store without changing it globally.

Marina Polkovnikova Marina Polkovnikova -

– founder and CEO of VMC Retail, an expert in the field of commercial merchandising and store building. Clients include the brands Caprice, 12 storeez, Skolkovo, KOTON, Loriblu, I am studio, Cavalli class, CPM Moscow, OZ Mall, FORUM shopping center, Colliers, Asia Park, I Mall Esplanade, etc.


For a long time, one might say, for decades, commercial equipment was a purely utilitarian item of store interior. Today we use shelves, racks, tables as one of the effective (and spectacular, memorable) tools of commercial visual merchandising; they are an integral part and reflection of the concept of retail design. But classic retail equipment has been transformed, modified, and sometimes they are real designer interior items for the store. And in addition to it, various interior and household items are used.

Today, specialists in visual merchandising and design of commercial displays offer, together with retail equipment, the use of three main options for an unusual presentation of goods in a shoe store:

1. Use of living space decor in the interior of the store - greenery, textiles, paintings, patterns, various graphics.
2. Classic displays: stands, fittings, holders and other solutions with which we can and are able to dramatically enhance the presentation of shoes. 3. Non-standard solutions and non-standard ways of presenting goods.

It is about them that I want to talk in detail in this article. Any non-standard solution will strengthen the presentation of your product, make it bright and memorable, distinguishing you from your competitors. What options could there be:

1. Various stands for highlighting a specific, specific product, one product from the total mass (for example, a new product, a bestseller or a model for a special occasion - for a wedding, a reception, for the New Year) on a long wall shelf or on commercial equipment, located in the center of the hall.

It’s good when not just classic exhibitors are used, but other, non-standard solutions - for example, special stands of a special shape or color. In the photo we see that this is the color technique used to present the bags: pink stands on wall-mounted equipment and presentation tables. This is also an exhibitor, but an atypical one; it is designed in the style of store design.

In the same store, for the presentation of bags and shoes, there are tables in the form of children's pyramids or inverted figures similar to chess - a design solution that was used to present discounted fashion goods. As you can see, you can use regular tables, or you can use unusual ones.

Or this option: shoes from the autumn collection look beautiful and unusual on stands in the shape of maple leaves.

2. Objects that are familiar to us every day, that surround us at home and at work. Let's fantasize about what else can be used in the store? For example, you can take regular books or prop books (empty wooden boxes in the shape of books created especially for decoration), put them horizontally on shelves or tables and put shoes and a bag on them. This is a very stylish, beautiful highlight of the product, you can add a quote from the book. But always remember that any decorative element that you integrate as an element of retail equipment should be in the style of your store. It is very important.

3. Color film. A very affordable, but at the same time very effective, solution is when you, using ordinary film, change or enhance the color of the product in the window, as the Turkish brand did in its window: four shoe models are highlighted on a white stand in the window with a bright film of different colors. A very simple, but at the same time worthy solution, when you and I see several shelves, then, of course, we pay attention to those shoes, to that product that is highlighted in color. Working with color is always very beneficial, and it is a clear tool in visual merchandising.

4. Mirrors. Please note what an interesting solution one of the Istanbul stores came up with - an additional shelf and shoe rack are used directly on the mirrors. This is very beautiful plus the effect of expanding the space. The store has classic mirrors, and there are mirrors that are used as a place where additional products are presented. An excellent move, in my opinion, atypical.

There are many such unusual ways to present shoes, bags and accessories. Therefore, be creative, create a unique emotional experience in your store in order to be remembered in the current high competition in the fashion segment. The client votes with rubles in the store where he is comfortable, interested, and where, of course, there is an assortment that interests him.

More and more often, when we enter a fashionable clothing or shoe store, we see that items that are unusual for a retail space are used to present goods - books, paintings, vases, mirrors... In previous...
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