MUNZ Group: Five common mistakes when searching for line personnel
27.06.2024 2005

MUNZ Group: Five common mistakes when searching for line personnel

Mistakes in personnel selection are costly for companies. The time spent on searching, the investment of money in organizing recruitment and the lack of salespeople in the store increase the value of each correctly selected employee and increase the cost of an error. Munz Group HR Director Ekaterina Ananenkova talks about the most common mistakes.

Ekaterina Ananenkova Ekaterina Ananenkova - HR Director Munz Group

According to Ekaterina Ananenkova, searching for and hiring a new retail employee costs the company 27-35 thousand rubles, not taking into account the cost of future expenses for his training and remuneration. With average staff turnover in retail, 60-80% of errors in recruitment ultimately have a negative impact on the company's profits.

What you should pay attention to first of all when organizing recruitment work:

The first mistake. Formal approach to mass recruitment

“After publishing a resume on a recruitment service, in the first two hours, an employee receives on average from 30 to 50 invitations and responses. Very high competition requires the employer to use creative solutions to attract the attention of the applicant at all stages of recruitment: bright design of the search advertisement, informal description of the vacancy, the use of modern approaches (QR code, chat bot, artificial intelligence and others).

The time it takes to make a decision about inviting a candidate for an interview with a recruiter who sees only his photograph and the first two lines of his resume is about a minute; the average call lasts another two to three minutes. During this time, the recruiter must not only evaluate the candidate, but convince him that your company is exactly what he is looking for!

It is important for a recruiter to have a good understanding of the profile of their future candidate. In the case of personnel selection for retail work, the following is required:

  • good physical shape - working on your feet is not suitable for everyone due to health reasons;
  • desire to work in constant communication with people;
  • desire to help the client make the right choice, competent speech;
  • activity and determination.
  • desire to learn new things.

Error two. Poor presentation of the opportunities that the employer provides to the applicant during the interview

If the candidate is suitable, then the recruiter’s task is to interest him in the vacancy.

“Here we need to highlight the stability of the company, its history and scale. It is also important to mention the company culture, base salary and opportunities for income growth with good sales,” HR notes.

In addition, candidates now value efficiency. The recruiter must present his company as attractively as possible in a few minutes so that it looks advantageous against the background of other companies offering their vacancies.

Error three. Inflexible interview script

A recruiter's communication and flexibility skills are critical to a good interview. The basic interview script should be tailored to the employee during the call. A personalized approach is required to stand out from the rest and convince the candidate of his importance to the company.

Error four. Losing an employee after a call

The biggest failure in the recruitment funnel is when a candidate said he would come, but didn’t. It is necessary to bring the candidate to the point of the actual interview. It is necessary to provide structured information about the place and time of the interview, send a reminder of the invitation, thereby showing interest in the candidate.

Error five. Delayed processes

After a short face-to-face interview and getting to know the store, you need to quickly make a decision and place a suitable candidate on staff.

Our goal is to hire an employee within five minutes of the interview. If a candidate has taken a break, it is important to stay in touch with him until the moment of employment: accompany him, call him, encourage him, show interest. Otherwise, there is a high risk that he will be lured away by competitors. Yes, it's like hunting!

The most important thing is not to lose!

The interests of the company and the new employee are the same: it is important for the company that the newcomer quickly acquires the skills of high-quality customer service, and for the employee to learn how to achieve sales in order to earn good money.

Store turnover is important to us, personal sales are important. If an employee cannot use the cash register and cannot sell, then this is a loss of client and profit.

Previously, the training of new employees in our company was fundamental and lasted about 5-6 weeks. Now we understand that, first of all, it is necessary to train an employee in the basic skills that are necessary so that he can communicate with clients, sell and earn money. We have compiled this basic minimum for three days of training. We use the most current approaches in micro-learning training on mobile devices, analysis of real cases, online sales simulators and other practices. But the Munz Group also provides in-depth training, which helps the employee to know the product better, study trends, new collections, thus the employee becomes a real expert in the footwear fashion industry.

MUNZ GROUP a retail holding company that manages its own brands Salamander, Thomas Munz, Briggs, LolliPolli, O2 and others. More than 10 well-known global brands such as US Polo, Rieker, Lumberjack, Reebok and others are represented in online and offline formats.

Mistakes in personnel selection are costly for companies. Spending time on searching, investing money in organizing recruitment and the lack of salespeople in the store increases the value of everyone correctly...
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