Retailers have difficulty moving to online checkout
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Retailers have difficulty moving to online checkout

A shoe retail survey showed that most players experience difficulties in transitioning to a new cash service regime. But, despite this, market participants expect to meet the deadline set by the state and fully adapt to work with new cash register equipment by July 1.

According to the requirements of the law 54-ФЗ “On the application of KKT”, starting July 2017, a business is obliged to transfer cash receipts for all sales electronically to tax authorities, and for this it is necessary to replace or upgrade existing cash desks, equipping them with special terminals with fiscal drives. According to representatives of shoe retail, the transition process was not as simple as it was announced - the re-equipment of cash registers requires serious financial and time costs, which is largely due to the monopoly position of the supplier of cash registers of Evotor company.

In addition to buying a new device, which costs about 30 thousand rubles, its activation requires installation (3 thousand rubles), monthly maintenance (1 thousand rubles), an agreement with the operator (3 thousand rubles), an electronic digital signature (1-1,5 thousand rubles) and payment for the Internet. As a result, the total cost of installing an online cash register is from 56 thousand rubles. up to 117,5 thousand rubles. Equipment delivery time reaches 60 days.

Editorial Office Shoes Shoes Report interviewed representatives of Russian shoe retail, learning from them about the process of modernization of cash register equipment in their stores.

Chain of shoe stores "Econika" (about 150 company stores in Russia, Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan):

“The main problem with the transition to new online cash registers is associated with a shortage of fiscal drives. Because of this, there are delays in the supply of new cash registers and upgrade kits for old cash registers. At the moment, the delivery time is 20-30 days. The transition dates are very tight, but we plan to manage to transfer all the box offices by June.

In the process of transition to new cash desks, a lot of methodological questions arise about the order of reflection of various operations in the check, as well as questions on the formation of primary reporting.
If we evaluate the organization of the transition itself, then, of course, it would be better to create a stock of fiscal accumulators at the start in order to avoid their deficit, and also to increase the deadline for the transition to new cash desks by 3-4 months. This would make the transition to online cash registers more comfortable and less costly for business, ”says Kirill Mityushkin, CIO of the Econika chain.

Chain of shoe stores Vera Victoria Vito (9 stores):

“We have not yet earned an online ticket office. Although we have already bought a new device in one of our stores. The process turned out to be more complicated and more expensive than we expected. Only the purchase of a new type of cash register cost 30 thousand rubles, but it still needs to be set up. We do not plan to buy cash registers in other stores, because you can install terminals with a fiscal drive to the cash desks operating in them, that is, it will be cheaper. But in general, due to the fact that new-style devices and smart terminals can only be purchased from one certified supplier, the prices for them are quite high. All these costs are borne by retailers. Currently, our system administrator is engaged in setting up the process, it is not fast and costly, but by June everything should work, ”says Larisa Vovdenko, director of advertising and marketing for the retail network Vera Victoria Vito.

Shoe store NotMySize (store in Moscow):

“We have already switched to work with Evotor, and since before that we worked with the Sberbank business tablet, this transition was not very difficult for us. Although difficulties nevertheless arose due to poorly coordinated communication between the tax and technical services of the Evotor terminal and Sberbank. Due to the lack of unified technical support, I had to call each separately, and sometimes wait for a connection with the tax operator for 40 minutes. First of all, we were worried about the question - do we need to re-register with the tax service after using the Sberbank business tablet, or we can use the same personal account at the State Research Center, it turned out that we can not re-register, ”comments the founder and owner of the brand NotMySize Leon Krayfish.

Camper CIS (4 branded stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg):

“We had difficulties with the transition to a new cash register due to the fact that the ERP system in our company is built on the SAP platform, and the EGAIS system operates on the 1-C platform, in this regard, we encountered certain difficulties. But still we got out of the situation, we decided not to adapt SAP to the new system, since this is a very long process, but installed an additional system to SAP, which allowed the process to function normally, ”comments Maxim Zharkov, CEO of Camper CIS.

Retailers note that the National Association of Network Trade Participants (NAST) is actively helping them in the transition to new checkouts. To date, an agreement has been reached between NAST and the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation (FTS RF) that for companies in the industry that are delayed in delivery terms, the latter provide their schedule for replacement and modernization, after which the FTS takes control of the manufacturer's fulfillment of its delivery obligations. In particular, it helps to cope with the deficit of fiscal accumulators. In addition, retailers point out that at the moment they do not have a clear understanding of which forms of primary documents used to reflect cash transactions are mandatory for use. Representatives of NAST sent a corresponding request to the Federal Tax Service of Russia, the Ministry of Finance of Russia and the Central Bank of Russia on March 3, and are awaiting clarification.

A survey of shoe retailers showed that the majority of players face difficulties in the process of transitioning to the new cash register regime ...
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