Consolidated loads of reality and opportunities
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Consolidated loads of reality and opportunities

The numbers are the best argument.

In Europe and America, the general and groupage market is divided almost equally, 51% and 49%, respectively. In our country, 12% of market participants give preference to groupage, the rest use general transportation. First of all, this is due to the fact that the main customer of general cargo transportation is the oil and gas industry, which, of course, prevails in relation to other sectors of the economy.

However, in addition to objective factors, the low rate of groupage cargo transportation, according to industry experts, is affected by the lack of transparency of the service provided. Indeed, if we take the segment of international groupage cargo, the calculation of the range of services sometimes comes down to one figure “all in”. On the one hand, it is easy for the Client to be guided by the cost price; there is no need to rack his brains, destructuring the price offered by the logistics company.

On the other hand, the Client will never find an opportunity to influence the cost of delivery of products without understanding the structure of logistics and customs costs. Thus, he will not be able to build an effective import scheme without understanding the dependence of the parameters of the volume, nature, weight and nomenclature of the consignment supplied.

There is also an opinion that groupage cargoes are always more expensive, longer in terms of delivery, difficult to monitor and dependent on cargoes of other customers (when crossing the border or customs clearance).

But realities say the following:

Groupage cargoes can provide similar delivery times as with general transportation, have tight shipping schedules and the potential for individual pricing within each contact;

Groupage cargo is not more expensive than general cargo transportation. Cost, expressed as the cost of delivery per kilogram of imported goods (price divided by weight) is a one-sided view of logistics in principle. What is important is the quantity of goods that is needed now at a given time, and groupage transportation in such coordinates is cheaper! If you buy apples in wagons, the cost per kilogram will be less than the retail price;

Groupage transportation in one hand (a priori it can only be on one "shoulder" - this is a significant reduction in the cost of the delivery process, we are not talking about the cost of the transportation itself, but about the cost of the process). The limited number of customer interactions on the delivery of groupage cargo is another plus.

An important aspect in relation to the production of the implementation of groupage cargo has been and always remains, the choice of a partner who will have the proper level of professionalism, well-functioning business processes, etc.

Optimal logistics, as the All-Russian customs representative and logistics operator, acts as an expert in international groupage cargo transportation and offers to use the accumulated international experience.

In honor of the birthday of the company "Optimal Logistics" special conditions of cooperation only for readers of Shoes Report

If you have never worked with the company "Optimal Logistics" and you are importing groupage cargo

The cost of customs clearance of COLLECTED CARGO will be 14 rubles for you, including 000% VAT.

You can fix the rate until May 30, 2015.

To receive a discount, you need the ACTIVATION CODE "Optimal cargo transportation for and for the sake of the client"

The service includes: complex customs clearance, the tariff is indicated for a vehicle with one consignment (TP) + 3 additional sheets + 2PSM for excise goods.

The service is carried out only in the complex (international delivery + logistics)

Registration of an additional declaration sheet 800 rubles.

Optima Logistics

Optimal Logistics

+7 (495) 249-2424


The numbers are the best argument. In Europe and America, the market for general and groupage transportation is divided almost equally, 51% and 49% ...
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