38% of Russian consumers are willing to buy premium shoes Premium range of Fashion Comfort store
20.12.2016 2120

38% of Russian consumers are willing to buy premium shoes

Nielsen conducted a study of the attitude of Russian citizens to premium products.

From the report of the international research company Nielsen, it follows that approximately two-thirds of our compatriots purchase “premium” goods. In a survey of Russian consumers by a company, 68% of respondents said they were buying premium goods. For comparison, in the world of those - 85%.

At the same time, 60% of respondents say that they only have enough money to pay for utilities, food and basic necessities, 38% assured that they have no financial difficulties and can buy some things, simply because they wanted to, and only 3% respondents were able to spend money freely.

Confidence in their financial situation prevails among global respondents (52% can afford the impulse purchase of certain things), 35% have funds only for basic expenses, and 14% say they can spend without thinking.

In Russia, the main criterion for determining whether products belong to the premium segment is high cost (63%), 57% consider those made from high-quality materials or ingredients to be premium products, and 55% are those that are reliable in use. and are distinguished by excellent quality, 49% are those that are produced by a well-known trusted brand.

In the world, the main criterion for premiums is production from high-quality materials or ingredients (54%), followed by the availability of the most advanced functions (46%). Among global consumers, 31% attribute to premium products those that are very expensive.

Among other things, the researchers found that the premium segment is most interesting to Russian consumers in such categories as clothing and shoes (38%). At the same time, 46% of our compatriots prefer to buy premium goods in offline stores in the country, 23% order them online in Russian online stores.

“Almost everyone has a desire to look attractive and modern, use high quality personal care products and eat foods made with the best ingredients and in the best conditions. However, in the current economic conditions, many simply cannot afford to purchase such goods or purchase them extremely rarely, episodically. In this regard, according to the retail audit: we see that the premium segment is sagging in most categories, - comments Marina Erskova, Head of Sales Evaluation and Marketing Communications, Nielsen Russia. - The manufacturer of a premium brand losing in sales needs to give the consumer a special reason that will explain the high price of the product. First of all, it should provide a unique experience and exclusive benefits. Finding the moments that correlate with the internal desires of buyers or with their needs, which the market cannot currently satisfy, will open up new opportunities for the brand.

Nielsen conducted a study of the attitude of Russian citizens to premium products.

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