Electronic document management "Detsky Mir"
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Electronic document management "Detsky Mir"

The Detsky Mir chain of stores completed a pilot project to switch to electronic acts and TORG-12 through the SKB Kontur provider. Now the retailer will be able to exchange these documents with suppliers electronically via EDI. Circuit.

The chain PRICAT-ORDERS-DESADV-RECADV-INVOIC [COINVOIC] in the "Children's World" SKB Kontur launched back in May 2015 of the year. Now, acts and TORG-12, which differ in that they require bilateral signing, have been added to the list of electronic legal significant documents.

“The introduction of EDI allowed us to abandon the need to use documents for transmission - e-mail, telephone. Using electronic document management, it was possible to reduce the time spent on processing each document on the entire order-delivery chain and reduce the number of errors, ensure transparency of the document exchange process, and reduce the costs associated with paper document management. Suppliers, in turn, can quickly receive information about the fact of acceptance of goods in stores and distribution centers, ”says Mustafa Kurmaleev, head of the Department for Technology Development of Detsky Mir Group of Companies.

First of all, an invoice was transferred into electronic form - the main document for tax authorities, due to which the retailer simplified the process of generating VAT reports. In the near future, Detsky Mir plans to finalize a document management system for exchanging documents with electronic digital signatures (EDS): acceptance and transfer certificate and Torg-12. This innovation will reduce costs and speed up workflow. The next step will be the development of a portal for suppliers, where they can interact in real time with representatives of the Detsky Mir network.

The Detsky Mir retail network uses the SAP accounting system. In just a week, the IT specialists of the client and provider developed a solution for integrating SAP with EDI. Circuit. “The solution works in conjunction with our connectors Signer, Reporter, Aproover,” explains Igor Komarov, specialist for the implementation of Kontur.Retail. - As a result, acceptance certificates and TORG-12 in an informal form are automatically sent to suppliers. At the same time, the current statuses of the sent documents are transmitted to SAP: delivered, signed, refused to sign. ”

Detsky Mir collaborates with three EDI providers. At the moment, through SKB Kontur, the network exchanges electronic documents with 96 suppliers, this is 47%.

The Detsky Mir chain of stores has completed a pilot project for the transition to electronic acts and TORG-12 through the SKB provider ...
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