Adidas AG is suing CenterObuv network because of three lanes
26.01.2011 2905

Adidas AG is suing CenterObuv network because of three lanes

The Adidas AG company (the parent company of the German Adidas Group) filed a lawsuit in the Moscow Arbitration Court for the recovery of 300 thousand rubles from ZAO Trade House TsentrObuv (500 economy class stores) compensation, told the Russian Agency for Legal and Judicial Information (RAPSI) court officer. The court appointed preliminary hearings on this case at 10 March. In addition, the Ninth Arbitration Court of Appeal will consider on January 18 a complaint from CenterObuv Trading House against a court decision to recover from it in favor of Adidas AG and Adidas International Marketing B.V. for 500 thousand rubles. compensation for violation of the rights to the trademark “three bands”.

According to the plaintiff, the defendant sold and stored shoes in its stores, the design of which uses the registered trademark in the form of three bands contrasting with the main color of the shoes.

On October 26, the Moscow Arbitration Court partially satisfied the claims of Adidas. The company asked to recover from the defendant 2,5 million rubles. compensation for violation of exclusive rights to a trademark, which is three strips on shoes.

During the meeting in the court of first instance, the representative of the CenterObuv TD said that the Adidas company had not proved the amount of losses, and the claims were clearly overstated. According to the lawyer, the violation was of an indirect, insignificant nature.

In turn, the representative of the plaintiff noted that the violation was significant, since it misled the consumer regarding the goods of the Adidas company. According to the lawyer, the amount of material compensation in 2,5 million is commensurate with the violation committed.

The media reported that in March 2009, investment company Sun Investments Partners, created by ex-co-owners of the Kopeika grocery chain Sergey Lomakin and Artem Khachatryan, acquired 33% of CenterObuv for approximately $ 40 million.

The company Adidas AG (the parent company of the German Adidas Group) filed a lawsuit with the Moscow Arbitration Court to recover from TsentrObuv Trade House CJSC (300 stores ...

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