Adidas created the world's first knit boots
07.03.2014 6817

Adidas created the world's first knit boots

Following on from the recent launch of the world's first seamless knit boot, the Samba Primeknit, adidas is introducing the world's first knitted boot with gaiters, the adidas Primeknit FS.

The limited edition Primeknit FS will be available in black, white and red. It is the world's first hybrid of knit boots and socks. The unique design follows the silhouette of a one-piece sock for an exceptional second leather feel and a perfect fit from shin to toe. This design significantly improves contact between the ball and the foot compared to traditional cleats.

Primeknit FS is currently a prototype, and adidas is actively collaborating with leading players to complete the development of the model and present it on the field by the end of the year. The one-piece construction and lightweight but durable Primeknit FS fibers will set a new standard for flexibility and comfort, while the stability and strength of the model will not be inferior to traditional boots. High-precision coating on each thread guarantees a water-repellent effect even in the most difficult weather conditions.

As with the creation of the world's first adidas Samba Primeknit knit boots, the technology underlying the manufacture of the world's first one-piece hybrid of knit boots and leggings implies the presence of optimized and specially designed zones in one layer for the different functional needs of each player.

“With the release of the first adidas Samba Primeknit seamless-knit boots, we are pleased to give the world a glimpse into the future of our products,” says Marcus Baumann, adidas Global Football Senior Vice President. adidas Primeknit FS is the latest chapter in the history of adidas football products, which further strengthens our leadership position in football innovation. ”

Following on from the recent launch of the world's first seamless knit boot, the Samba Primeknit, adidas is introducing the world's first knitted boot with gaiters ...

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