Adidas will close 200 own stores in Russia
20.07.2015 5695

Adidas will close 200 own stores in Russia

German sportswear and footwear manufacturer Adidas will close 2015 of its own stores in Russia in 200. The official reason for adjusting development plans on the Russian market is the devaluation of the ruble. The company estimates the negative effect of this phenomenon at € 550 million. In the fourth quarter of 2014 alone, the net loss of Adidas amounted to € 140 million. To minimize losses, the company first raised prices by 10-15%, and is now going to close insufficiently efficient stores. At the same time, Adidas does not refuse to open new outlets, leaving the previous forecast of 100 stores for 2015.

As a reminder, the leader of the sportswear and footwear market in Russia began to revise its development strategy back in August 2014. Then the company announced that it was cutting plans to open new stores in our country by half - from 150 to 80.

The German manufacturer of sportswear and shoes Adidas will close its own stores in Russia in 2015 in 200. The official reason for adjusting development plans in the Russian market is devaluation ...

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