adidas Originals has released a collaboration with Noize MC
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adidas Originals has released a collaboration with Noize MC

The adidas Superstar sneakers came out in a new design, customized by the Russian rapper Noize MC.

The rap artist has dedicated the new model to the aesthetics of ska punk, skate culture, classic New York graffiti tagging and old school hip-hop, the collaboration said in a press release.

“In the design, we generously used typographic stars, which have long become a part of our corporate identity. They symbolize censorship and are a challenge to it: they are usually used to replace some letters in unprintable words. These are not just stars, they are super stars, as they now adorn the Superstar model, ”says Noize MC.

The sneakers are presented in black and white colors. The top of the sneaker is made of white genuine leather and decorated with a print in the form of stars. The underside of the shoe features the classic artist's autograph tag, featuring two columns that generate noise (“Noize”). Loops with 'Noize MC' and 'Super' logo detail the back of the sneaker. The band's logo - a skull with stars instead of eyes - is placed on the tongue of the sneaker.

Native to the Adidas Superstar silhouette, a shell-shaped cape and branded three-stripes are details by which the iconic model of the German brand's sneakers is easily recognizable.

The sneaker is a limited edition and will be available for purchase through the adidas app. The model will go on sale on December 7th. The price of a pair of Superstar by Noize MC is 7 rubles.

The adidas Superstar sneakers came out in a new design, customized by the Russian rapper Noize MC.

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