Alba has installed interactive showcases
06.12.2013 5371

Alba has installed interactive showcases

The Russian network of shoe and accessories stores Alba will be equipped with professional LED-panels from LG Electronics. The first platform where a new concept in window dressing was implemented was the Alba salon in the Golden Babylon shopping center. The equipment was supplied by LG Electronics, and the integration was carried out by Enlighted Digital.

LED panels allow you to broadcast video clips and show slide shows. So now every potential buyer can now evaluate the assortment of the salon and the overall style of the collection already on the way to it.

The features of LED panels are increased brightness and wide viewing angle, 24/7 operation with auto-start and auto-off, light weight and attractive appearance. A significant plus is lower power consumption, which is especially important when it comes to non-stop broadcasts.

Alba positively evaluates the successfully implemented pilot project and plans in 2014 to equip several more salons of the network, following the example of the salon in Golden Babylon.

Stanislav Koloskov, director of marketing and advertising at Alba: “Newly decorated showcases look definitely more attractive than standard“ frozen ”solutions. Such innovative products allow us to show our shoes and accessories in the best possible light, helping the buyer to take the first step towards us. In the future, we intend to expand cooperation and do the same in our other salons. We have high expectations for the regions. "

Irina Krupenko, marketing manager for LG Electronics: “LED panels as an advertising and information medium are gradually replacing traditional solutions at points of sale. "A modern person perceives the world through his eyes, he visuals - interactively rules the ball, so LED-panels in this regard seem to be an excellent solution to attract the attention of the target audience."

The Russian chain of stores of footwear and accessories Alba will be equipped with professional LED-panels ...

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