Rent in Moscow will fall by 25-30%
06.05.2015 3683

Rent in Moscow will fall by 25-30%

Rental rates in the Moscow retail real estate market may fall in 2015 in rubles by an average of 25-30%. The strongest decline will occur in the segment of catering, sports goods, clothes and shoes, since the tenants' turnover of the listed profiles will decrease most significantly.

“If the owners of the shopping center ignore the changes taking place in the consumption structure, the performance indicators of retail projects will sharply decrease, up to the level where the development project can be recognized as ineffective in principle, having, moreover, a negative credit background,” Denis, Chairman of the Board of Directors of RRG Kolokolnikov.

According to him, in the new economic conditions, most shopping centers, taking into account the increased role of the “primary” needs of citizens, will need an audit and subsequent adjustment of the concept. To stay afloat in a crisis, first of all, it will help to increase the share of “anti-crisis” tenants - supermarkets, hypermarkets, children's goods stores and others, and you should also fill the empty space with low margin or even free intellectual educational and entertainment operators for children and adults, art galleries.

“But there is no single recipe for salvation for all shopping centers, you need to work with each individually, monitor the needs of the target audience and take other“ resuscitation ”measures. Moreover, taking into account the instability of the economy, this will have to be done regularly, ”summarizes Kolokolnikov.

Rental rates in the Moscow retail real estate market may fall in 2015 in rubles by an average of 25-30%. The strongest decline will occur in the segment of public catering, sporting goods, clothing and ...

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