Art project from KEDDO
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Art project from KEDDO

British brand initiated the art project "Keep Calm and Carry On"

In December 2012, the creative team of the British brand of youth shoes KEDDO initiated a unique art project “Keep Calm and Carry On”. In this project, photographers combined contemporary contemporary art with the ideas of progressive British designers KEDDO, and the radio star, singer Siatria, revealed herself from a completely new side for fans.

Siatria is already known to listeners of radio stations Love Radio, Dfm, Ufm, "Fresh Radio". In 2009, she began working with the production center of Anton Shaplin (author of hits and laureate of the Song of the Year award, composer and producer, known for his work with Dima Bilan, Vlad Sokolovsky, Mitya Fomin, Alsu), and in 2011 her video “ Love me "entered the TOP-100 best videos according to the version of the First Baltic Music Channel. KEDDO marketers saw in Siatria not only a promising vocalist, but also a diva, consonant with the brand's image.

In the calendar, based on the project, the singer Siatria appeared in extravagant looks inspired by the British style. London underground, baby-dolls, dandy glamor, the spirit of gothic nightclubs, rock parties - 12 motifs emphasized the richness and variety of styles that are inherent in both the plastic image of Siatria and the choice in the KEDDO collections.

The British brand has initiated the art project “Keep Calm and Carry On” The creative team of the British brand of youth shoes KEDDO in December 2012 initiated a unique art project “Keep Calm and ...

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