Asia is the largest continent in terms of footwear consumption
21.09.2017 1106

Asia is the largest continent in terms of footwear consumption

Asia continues to hold the palm in the consumption of shoes, the share of consumption in the Asian continent is 54% and approaches the share of its population 60%, writes worldfootwear.com

Demographic growth and population are affecting Asia’s share of global shoe consumption, according to the World Footwear Yearbook for 2016, in 2016 it reached its all-time high of 54%.

Europe and North America maintain consumption at a higher level than the population of these continents suggests. Although they remain important markets, both continents are inferior to China in terms of shoe consumption.

China is the largest footwear market with a stable share of 18%. Three other Asian countries - India, Indonesia and Japan are also among the 10 largest consumers of shoes among the countries of the world.

Asia continues to hold the palm in the consumption of footwear, the share of consumption of the Asian continent is 54% and is approaching the share of its population of 60%, - writes ...

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