Belarusian outlet comes to the shoe market with a sunny mood
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Belarusian outlet comes to the shoe market with a sunny mood

The studio, commissioned by Gatovo-Tennery, has developed a trademark for a new outlet network of shoe stores in Minsk, SunDali. The portfolio includes the name, logo and retail design. The opening is planned for the near future.

A “national” emphasis has been made in the SunDali business model: it is planned to use 5 of the most famous manufacturers of Belarus for cooperation: Marko, Sivelga, Belvest, BelKelme, Otiko. Salons offer shoes of these brands at prices significantly lower than market prices (with an incomplete size range according to the model). Moreover, in the image-making decision there is not a single hint of traditional “domesticity”. The first and main task looked exactly the opposite: visually and convincingly prove the European orientation of both the retail network and the style it proposes.

“The name SunDali accurately reflects the brand image that we would like to broadcast to our customers. The logo turned out to be original, recognizable and attractive, with good potential. He has good opportunities to integrate into retail design, ”says Sergey Gapanovich, Deputy Director for Commercial Affairs at Gatovo Tenneri:

SunDali is a fancy treatment of the name of one of the types of shoes, which in this version claims to be the general name of the entire product category. Sandals are shoes that are equally popular among men and women, while being somewhat "informal", which means that it can convey the idea of ​​close relationships, accessibility and openness of a trademark for its consumers. Highlighting the easily interpreted English-speaking root "sun" stimulates the brand's bright, sunny, warm impression. The second part completely coincides with the name of the artist, known for his non-conformism.

“We enriched the meaning of such a seemingly ordinary word as sandals. It began to play with new shades of associations, it is a whole world - warm, bright, bathed in the rays of the gentle sun. And although the interior filling of the salon has nothing to do with the aesthetics of surrealism, the general impression of a sunny, “not poppy” place is formed already at the stage of pronouncing the name with emphasis on the last syllable, ”says Olga Kashkan, head of studio.

The main colors of the retail book are sunny yellow and tinted, restrained light gray. The main style-forming element in the store’s interior, which at the same time acts as a catalyst for the “consumer game”, is the “company” letter S. Most of the area of ​​the double-glazed windows is occupied by an intriguing teaser urging you to “search for S”, upon which you can get a discount. There are no detailed instructions here: the role of the guide is played by the further design of the store.

The discount zone is allocated as S-zone. The “keywords” are placed on the columns, starting with the company letter S using a constant style-forming element and creating a certain image, mood (smile, sense, style, sexy, sensation, satisfaction, seasons, safari, etc.).

The studio, commissioned by Gatovo-Tennery, has developed a trademark for a new outlet network of shoe stores in Minsk, SunDali. The portfolio includes the name, logo and retail design. Opening…

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