BETSY Visits Eurobal
09.07.2012 1893

BETSY Visits Eurobal

Graduation parties for eleventh graders took place in Moscow at the end of June, 56 thousand schoolchildren celebrated their graduation this year. And more than half did not celebrate this event at school. The main city platform was Red Square. Graduates were expected on Poklonnaya Gora, on Vasilyevsky Descent, this is a new holiday format that combines ceremonial solemnity and democratic entertainment, approaching the stars of show business and a four-hour stand-up meal (in the literal sense - tables were replaced with a stand-up meal for convenience).

The choice of the king and queen of the ball has already become traditional at Eurobal. The king of the ball - Pavel Prokhorov (a graduate of school №15 in Odintsovo) received a game console from Playstation - PS VITA. The queen of the ball Olga Borisevich (School No. 630) - received a certificate for the purchase of clothes worth 20 rubles from Kira Plastinina and a watch from ELLE magazine, which will be a worthy adornment of the royal hand. All graduates could participate in a variety of competitions, the main prize of the ballroom night was a trip to Liverpool for a two-week English language course from the BKC-International House network of foreign language schools.

For the first time this year, high school students were able to try on the BETSY crown. It was a part of the interactive "Find the Princess" of the British youth shoe brand BETSY. The two princes were looking for their princess all night, first on the throne, offering applicants to try on the crown, and then on the dance floor. The most beautiful and the happiest received coupons for purchases in the online store of clothes, shoes and accessories Lamoda.ru and gift certificates from BETSY, and the most tired were able to relax in specially created "zones of silence" on branded KEDDO ottomans and get a boost of energy to continue the celebration ...

Graduation parties for eleventh graders took place in late June in Moscow, 56 of thousands of schoolchildren celebrated their graduation this year. And more than half did not celebrate this event at school. ...
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