BETSY Launches Provocative Advertising
06.06.2013 4536

BETSY Launches Provocative Advertising

The British brand of youth shoes BETSY in May launched the provocative advertising campaign Sweet Revenge.

The plot wittily plays out the story of a girl who was left by a loved one. From a strong resentment, the heroine decides to take a radical step and breaks the windshield of the car with her heel, takes out BETSY ballerinas from her bag and leaves, and the shoe remains in the glass as a reminder that revenge is the reverse side of love.

Lidia Marycheva, a model and participant of the 3rd season of the show "Top Model in Russian", starred in the role of the main character of the commercial. She has already participated in the advertising campaign for the BETSY Dreamland Collection holiday collection, and her appearance in the advertisement was so organic that the company that manages the BETSY brand decided to continue working with the model.

Commercials began to be televised on the European version of Channel One. TV channel coverage countries include not only Europe (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Great Britain), but also Africa and Latin America, Southeast Asia and the Middle East, Australia, Seychelles and Solomon Islands. The video is also presented on the Internet on the youtube website:

British youth footwear brand BETSY launched a provocative Sweet Revenge ad campaign in May.

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