American Tourister Travel Bags Brand Launches Brilliant Collection
09.11.2017 3063

American Tourister Travel Bags Brand Launches Brilliant Collection

New luggage collection The American Tourister shines dazzlingly during the day and glows in the dark.

Sparktive's unique technology creates the effect of glowing luggage material in the dark. The material of the case of the suitcase reflects rays of light in the dim evening lighting. During the day, luggage is striking with a dazzling radiance, thanks to a special combination of materials and color palette.

The suitcases of the new Wavebreaker Sparkle range are equipped with double wheels and a special TSA security lock. The collection has been available since November 2017.

Shoe retailers often diversify their stores by adding travel bags as a companion item. This is especially true for retailers managing a chain of stores located in different countries of the world. Recently, Lacoste said that suitcases and travel bags along with sports shoes are an important category for brand development.

The new American Tourister baggage collection shines dazzlingly during the day and glows in the dark.
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