Casadei shares experience in reducing transportation costs
27.06.2011 1779

Casadei shares experience in reducing transportation costs

Casadei, an Italian shoe manufacturer, cut transportation costs by 25%.

For the company, the project to reduce transportation costs was the first experience in working with the agency Expense Reduction Analysts, offering a service to reduce costs.

Now Casadei, whose head office is located in the small Italian town of San Mauro Pascoli, has 10 monobrands in different countries, which implies significant costs for the delivery of collections related to the cost of shoes and different customs clearance conditions in different countries.

In 2009, the company faced the need to reduce shipping costs without losing service quality, punctuality and cargo safety. For help in organizing logistics, the company turned to Expense Reduction Analysts, a contract was concluded for 18 months, until June 2010.

During this time, the agency conducted an audit of the entire supply chain, made a calculation of all stages and optimized costs depending on the weight and volume of goods.

According to Giampiero Maroni, managing director of Casadei, transportation costs were reduced by 25%. Now both companies are discussing new opportunities for optimizing other business processes.

Casadei, an Italian shoe manufacturer, reduced transportation costs by 25%.

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