Modest import
30.10.2012 2496

Modest import

Import duties applied by Russia after joining the World Trade Organization did not lead to a sharp increase in imports to the Russian Federation, preliminary data from the analysis of the effects of the WTO membership on the import of goods into Russia following the results of September 2012 conducted by the Eurasian Economic Commission (ECE) testify.

“According to preliminary data of customs statistics, in September 2012 there was no sharp increase in imports due to a decrease in the level of tariff protection. On the contrary, the value of imports of goods from non-CIS countries to Russia decreased by about 2012% compared to August 10, ”the EEC said.

The analysis was carried out on the basis of preliminary data from the customs statistics of the Russian Federation, since Russia's foreign trade is crucial for the market of the Customs Union. Data from the customs services of Kazakhstan and Belarus will be analyzed as they become available.

During the analysis, special attention was paid to goods, the production of which, according to the expectations of business representatives, could be most affected by the accession of the Russian Federation to the WTO (food products, textiles, footwear, motor vehicles, engineering products).

The reduction in imports affected most goods, with the exception of food products and raw materials for their production, the ECE states.

The growth of imports of textiles and shoes compared to August 2012 year is not observed. Based on materials

Import duties applied by Russia after joining the World Trade Organization did not lead to a sharp increase in imports in the Russian Federation, preliminary data from an analysis of the effects of influence show ...

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