Business program at the Euro Shoes exhibition
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Business program at the Euro Shoes exhibition

The business program will take place on the second and third working days of the exhibition - March 2-3, the speakers will touch upon the most pressing topics and questions for the shoe retail in Russia.

As in previous years, the program of seminars and trainings will be rich and very interesting. Among the speakers are leading experts in the field of marketing, visual merchandising and window dressing, sales, buying, trend forecasting.

March 02

  • 12 pm (CET)

Visual merchandising online and offline. How to increase sales and customer loyalty in the new market conditions.

- How have the behavior and tastes of buyers changed under the influence of the pandemic?

- online merchandising: what is important to know?

- how to present a product for maximum sales?

- how to create a store-platform for the community and drag the buyer offline?

Anna Balandina Anna Balandina - owner of the visual communications agency VM Guru, market expert in visual merchandising and store design.

  • 13 pm (CET)

Shoe business management in 2021: what to look for

-Opportunities and threats of 2021;

-How have buyers changed during the pandemic?

-Slip Ahead: Quick Tips for Increasing Business Performance.

Maria Gerasimenko Maria Gerasimenko - CEO of FashionAdvisers, an expert in the field of management and development of fashion business.

  • 14 pm (CET)

The impact of the pandemic on the range of shoes and accessories: management, lineup, trends


- flexible planning;

-Opportunities and limitations when using a flexible assortment management system;

- the necessary conditions for the implementation of a flexible assortment management system.


-style features and new understanding of home wardrobe;

-changing means of artistic expression: design, materials, color palettes, prints and patterns;

-digital clothing: virtual VS real.


-the compatibility of fashionable themes;

- “seasonless” trends.

Galina Kravchenko Galina Kravchenko - Director of the Assortment Department of Fashion Consulting Group, representative of the international online trend bureau FashionSnoops.com.
Instagram: @ galina_kravchenko79.

  • 15 pm (CET)

Retail Sales Trends 2021. Retail store as a joint venture between seller and buyer "

- omnichannel - what is it and how can a store become omnichannel?

- loyalty as the basis of omnichannel; basic rules of a modern loyalty program;

- service as the main tool of loyalty.

Natalya Chinenova Natalya Chinenova - Senior Business Technology Consultant at the Fashion Consulting Group retail.

  • 16: 00 - 17: 00

The company's reputation in social networks - why is it so important today? How to build communications with clients online?

-Why almost half of the reviews on social networks remain unanswered, and what does this lead to?

-How can you attract new or lose all customers in one day? 10 rules for working with clients in social networks;

-How to respond to complaints, justified and unfair, so as not to lose customers, including potential ones?

-How to work with trolling and provocations in social networks?

-How to benefit from a negative situation - to keep old and attract new customers?

Elena Stolyarskaya Elena Stolyarskaya - Chief Service Specialist at Fashion Consulting Group.

March 03

  • 11 pm (CET)

Footwear labeling news, procurement financing and other cost cutting opportunities when importing footwear to Russia

-the results of the Data Matrix shoe labeling in 2020;

- up-to-date software solutions for marking: what to choose? 

-financial instruments to reduce costs when importing shoes;

-import of footwear from China, Turkey and Europe during a pandemic - problems and solutions.

Alexei Chernyshev Alexei Chernyshev -

Commercial Director of AKFA.

  • 12 pm (CET)

Features of designing a shoe and accessories store

- rules for designing retail stores;

- design mistakes made by inexperienced designers;

- analysis of cases.

Marina Polkovnikova Marina Polkovnikova -

Founder and CEO of VMC Retail, an expert in merchandising, window dressing and store building, a coach, analyst, and author of a unique teaching methodology.


  • 13 pm (CET)

Organization of the purchase of shoes in the style of coaching

- how does the coaching purchasing model differ from the classical one?

- how to set breakthrough goals for the company and implement them through the purchase of shoes?

- the number of models or the depth of dimensions: how to buy more efficiently?

- how and what shoe leftovers should be taken into account when purchasing?

Evgeny Danchev Evgeny Danchev - Director of WConsulting, coach, retail consultant.

The business program will take place on the second and third working days of the exhibition - March 2-3, the speakers will touch on the most pressing topics and issues for the shoe retail in Russia. As in previous years, the program ...

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