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Children's shoes wholesale - warmer with felt insoles
31.10.2011 3236

Children's shoes wholesale - warmer with felt insoles

The company "CREDO" offers its customers a new related product - insoles made of felt with a polyester backing.

The top layer is made of 100% sheep wool, which has a massage effect, has a dry heat effect, improves blood circulation, the wool perfectly absorbs and evaporates moisture, without getting wet itself. The polyester lining gives the insole the necessary rigidity, which allows it to not wrinkle during wear. Polyester fibers occupy a dominant position among artificial fibers and are widely used in medical practice. They have a number of advantages: they are superior in heat resistance to most natural fibers, they are abrasion resistant and resist repeated bending. Consequently, the polyester backing significantly increases the wear life of the felt insole.

These insoles are intended for additional insulation of children's shoes. In addition, they can be used in teenage and adult winter shoes.
Each article of the insole is made in three adjacent sizes (at the largest) with the possibility
cut the felt insole in accordance with the configuration of the insole that was originally in the shoe.

For more information about the product, as well as on the purchase of children's shoes in bulk, you can contact our phone managers in Moscow: + 7 (495) 651-93-10 or by email: www.kredo-obuv.ru

The company "CREDO" offers its customers a new related product - insoles made of felt with a backing made of ...

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