Jimmy Baldini becomes ANCI Vice President
02.08.2011 2707

Jimmy Baldini becomes ANCI Vice President

Jimmy Baldinini, owner of Baldinini, in July became vice president of the Italian Shoe Manufacturers Association (ANCI). ANCI is the organizer of the international exhibition of shoes MICAM, which is held twice a year in Milan, and is promoting Italian shoes at exhibitions in Beijing, Moscow, New York.

As Jimmy Bapdinini says, “I always invested in a brand, even when there were very few, because 50% of success depends on the brand. I have been in Russia for more than 20 years. The secret of success? Go to a country where there is money and where they love fashion. I was offered to become president of ANCI, but I refused. However, I care about promoting the Made in Italy brand in the world, so I agreed to the position of vice president. ”

Now Baldinini has 250 employees and about 200 points of sale, of which 100 is located in Russia. The company has been operating in Russia for 27 years, and two-thirds of exports go to our country. This year, according to company forecasts, sales in Russia should amount to more than 100 million euros, exceeding sales in the 2010 year.

Alberto Zambianchi, President of the Forlì Cesena Region Chamber of Commerce, emphasized that Baldinini was not affected by the crisis like the rest. In the first quarter of 2011, exports from shoe factories in the region grew by 13,7%, and from Baldinini by 25%.

We also note that for the first time this year Baldinini will take part in the presentation of EURO SHOES PREMIERE COLLECTION, which will be held on August 24-27 at the Sokolniki expocenter: Moscow, Sokolniki Val, 1 Pavilion 4.


Jimmy Baldinini, owner of Baldinini, in July became vice president of the Italian Shoe Manufacturers Association (ANCI).

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