ECONICA summed up the results of the 2010 year
21.02.2011 3025

ECONICA summed up the results of the 2010 year

The shoe corporation "Econika" has summed up the results of its work in 2010.

According to the company, the year has become the last year has become a transitional one for the network of shoe cassettes. At the end of the year, "Econika" announced the rejection of the men's range. 

During the year, the number of stores increased from 114 to 132. The company opened 14 direct management salons (now there are 93) and 4 franchise stores (now there are 39). Held six scheduled closings (five of these salons were franchised). 

In 2010, the company opened more stores at 10 than in 2009. The number of new cities to which the network has expanded has grown just as much. These included Samara, Naberezhnye Chelny, Ufa, Voronezh, Tomsk, where direct retail stores were opened, as well as Almaty, Astana, Astrakhan, Murmansk and Vladikavkaz, where franchisee stores started their work. Six new cascades were opened in Moscow, including in the MEGA-Teply Stan shopping centers, VIVA! Shopping center, Vegas shopping center and Gagarinsky shopping center.

Sales in pairs are up 17% over 2009. Revenue in rubles increased by 33%. Sales increased both due to the expansion of the network and the growth in the number of pairs sold for objectsike to like”And due to the growth of the average check. The chain has increased its base of regular customers: now their number has reached 500 thousand people.

In order to assess customer satisfaction, the company ordered a study, the data of which confirmed the consumer trend: buyers choose those stores where, in addition to the product they like, their expectations correspond to the professionalism of the staff and the shopping atmosphere. “This was one of the factors that pushed us to the decision to change positioning and abandon the male assortment,” says the vice-president of the chain Sergey Sarkisov. - From the first collection of 2011, Econika is moving to the format of a specialized women's shoe network. " At Econika, business processes related to the creation of collections have also been significantly changed. In particular, a mentoring program has been launched, the training component has been strengthened, the interior of the salons is changing.

Shoe corporation "Econika" has summed up the results of work in 2010. As noted in the company, the year has become the past year has become a transitional one for the shoe chain ...

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