Emilia Estra Launches On Lamoda
03.10.2014 4711

Emilia Estra Launches On Lamoda

Obuv Rossii has started cooperating with Lamoda, an online hypermarket of clothing and footwear. The fashion retailer's website presents footwear from the new autumn-winter collection of the Emilia Estra brand, which belongs to Obuv Rossii - 54 models and 720 pairs in total. Now the cooperation contract with Lamoda is signed for the season. In the future, based on the results of sales, a decision will be made to extend the contract, the company reports.

The decision to start working with Lamoda is due to the fact that the Emilia Estra shoe brand is new on the market, therefore one of the key tasks today is to increase its awareness. In August-September, Obuv Rossii opened 19 Emilia Estra stores in 11 cities. Cooperation with an online hypermarket will expand the geography of the brand's sales and increase its popularity in those regions where the company plans to enter with its own stores.

Obuv Rossii entered the e-commerce market in March 2014 by opening an online store for its main brand Westfalika. To date, footwear is being sold all over Russia, for 6 months Obuv Rossii, despite the absence of a large-scale campaign to promote in the network, managed to achieve significant results: the number of applications through the online store increased 4 times and the number of purchases increased 5 times ... The company is also testing new services for customers, including an “online order in the store” using tablet computers. In mid-September Obuv Rossii began to develop distance selling and offered home textiles to customers through catalogs and an online store.

Obuv Rossii began to cooperate with the online clothing and footwear hypermarket Lamoda.

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