EU boosts shoe exports in the first half of 2017
16.01.2018 2019

EU boosts shoe exports in the first half of 2017

In the first half of the 2017 year, the EU exported shoes in the value of € 20,56 billion euros, recording a growth of 7% compared to the same period in the 2016 year, writes

In the first semester of the 28 year, 2017 countries of the European Union exported a total of about 1 million pairs of shoes, which amounted to about € 20,56 billion in value. The growth in real terms compared to the result for the same period in 2016 was 3,6%, in value - 7 %

83,3% of EU shoe exports with a total volume of € 17,13 million accounted for 8 countries - Italy (€ 4,59 billion), Germany (€ 3,18 billion), Belgium (€ 2,97 billion), France (€ 1,58 billion), Netherlands (€ 1,52 billion), Spain (€ 1,43 billion), Portugal (€ 0,96 billion) and the UK (€ 0,91 billion).

All countries except the UK (-4%) recorded a positive trend in the development of shoe exports in the first six months of 2017.

It is worth noting that in the reporting period, the export of shoes from Germany doubled - 26,2%.

According to Eurostat, for the period from January to November 2017, in general, the export of goods from the EU to the Russian Federation increased by 20,2% - to € 79,8 billion.

In the first half of 2017, the EU exported footwear in a value volume of € 20,56 billion, recording an increase of 7% compared to the same period in 2016, writes ...

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