Skorokhod factory will attract seamstresses from Tajikistan
03.08.2015 5963

Skorokhod factory will attract seamstresses from Tajikistan

The children's shoe factory Skorokhod from St. Petersburg is going to attract seamstresses from Tajikistan. In July, in the cities of Dushanbe and Kulyab, 21 and 22 opened centers for the organized recruitment of foreign workers at St. Petersburg enterprises, including the Skorokhod children's shoe factory. Recruitment centers for foreign workers created by the St. Petersburg Committee on Labor and Employment.

During his visit to Tajikistan, a representative of the Skorokhod factory positively assessed the possibilities of attracting foreign citizens to his enterprises by visiting a sewing factory in the city of Kulyab and educational institutions where staff are trained in the profession of seamstress.

The children's footwear factory "Skorokhod" from St. Petersburg is going to hire seamstresses from ...

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