Fashion Snoops unveils the main trends of 2016 of the year
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Fashion Snoops unveils the main trends of 2016 of the year

In the framework of the business program of Fashion Week in Moscow, a seminar was held by the official representative of the international trend bureau Fashion Snoops in Russia Galina Kravchenko. The expert told the audience about the key social and cultural trends that will change fashion in 2016.

Firstly, 3D printing, which, although it has existed as a technology for several decades, fashion and lifestyle brands, such as Vans, is just now beginning to actively implement it to create shoes that fit perfectly on the foot. The designer and owner of branding Lorenzo Martone uses plastic to print shoes that smell like chewing gum. Melissa Shoes has also adapted plastic to its product designs. Artist Xuedi Chen creates a wide range of 3D-printed accessories under the Invasive Growth logo to combine elements of nature, fashion and technology in one piece.

The Dynamo theme is inspired by the recently held exhibition of the same name at the Grand Palais in Paris. The focus is on a new vision of space and light, refracted through optical and kinetic art, including using 3D technologies.

Coming into fashion, Dynamo's style will allow his followers to rethink tradition through the prism of visual art. They will juggle with various styles, they will be impressed with prints with optical effects and futuristic solutions in shoes.

This theme shows the transformation of 60s style with vibrant colors and geometric patterns. Classic footwear models contain architectural elements: platforms with stepped protrusions, straight square heels, cut off the “semicircle” toes.

Another lifestyle trend is making fun of the public's hobby for designer labels. Jonathan Paul (DOC-Desire Obtain Cherish), an iconic American artist, "flaunts society's inability to control itself and shows that the promise of a" beautiful life "ends in addiction." His most recent exhibit, at the New York Unix Gallery, featured dialogue on the public's obsession with "design labels." DOC's has gilded bags, capsules and dolls and embellished them with the trademarks of the most famous luxury brands, thus giving a touch of irony to the general passion for brands and labels.

In clothes, this trend is used for those who need to stand out from the crowd. Those who demonstrate their erudition and intellectual level, showing themselves prints and patterns based on contemporary art in general. Things with logos of famous brands such as Coca-Cola and Mc Donald's are ironically combined with luxury items. A clean, vibrant color palette contrasts with basic colors. Even materials and finishes add an extra touch of humor: brightly colored fur, sparkles and soft velvet in the most incredible combinations.

Another Lifestyle trend - Neo Trans - blurring the boundaries between the sexes. Over the past five years, the number of young people identifying themselves as transsexual has increased. Moreover, many deliberately avoid gender determination. They express their androgyny through specific wardrobe, hairstyles and make-up. The fading differences between the sexes, in terms of clothing color, ornamentation and even shape, make one seriously think about the real difference between the concepts of "unisex" and "androgyny".

Transsexuals, transvestites and models with an unknown gender are very popular today. Andrej Pejic, a young man - a model from Bosnia, made a splash with his feminine beauty and the ability to correctly wear women's clothing. And Casey Legler, a female artist, is storming the male model world.

Urban style has firmly entered the life and image of a modern woman. Inspiration is drawn from the power and energy of the city. The City Slicker theme is revealed through the basic shades of gray, brown and black. The models of this topic are androgynous, this is a new look at men's things in a women's wardrobe. Each thing is functional and designed to make life easier for its owner. That is why minimalist and utilitarian style is important in clothing. Functional pockets and snap hooks for keychains, compartments for water bottles and business cards are all in the bags. At the same time, streamlined shapes and clear lines are used in shoes.

In the framework of the business program of Fashion Week in Moscow, a seminar was held by the official representative of the international trend bureau Fashion Snoops in Russia Galina Kravchenko. The expert told the audience about ...

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