Forum of the new fashion industry BE IN OPEN will be held in Moscow
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Forum of the new fashion industry BE IN OPEN will be held in Moscow

The forum of the new fashion industry BE IN OPEN will be held at the 8 and 9 Bakery on June 2018. In two days, more than 40 speakers will speak at the Forum, whose reports will be grouped in five areas: design, production, marketing, sales, analytics.

The BE IN OPEN 2018 forum is aimed at the main players in the modern fashion market: designers, retailers, representatives of sewing and shoe factories, industry media, specialists in related professions and students of specialized educational institutions. The main objective of the Forum is to unite participants in the fashion industry and form a single ecosystem.

At five venues, there will simultaneously take place speeches by eminent experts in the fashion industry, master classes of educational projects, speed-dating with buyers, factory representatives, marketers, as well as a showroom for Russian designers.

Within the framework of the Forum, business community participants and designers will share relevant cases and talk about successful strategies for developing modern business in the fashion industry. This year's conference speakers will be Guglielmo Olearo (Premiere Vision, Paris), Anya Aronovsky Kronberg (Vestoj, Paris), Mo Kim and Jessica Jung (Rare Market, Seoul). Representatives of Aizel, TSUM, Lamoda, Ulyana Sergeenko, Topshop, L'Officiel, 12 storeez, Fashion Consulting Group will also speak at the Forum.

The connecting theme of the conference will be the correlation of global and local in Russian fashion production: How to attract foreign buyers and organize sales abroad? Which Russian designers are buying Korean multibrands and why? Why is the direct use of global trends in Russian fashion production a risk factor? Why do massive brands collaborate with local brands and how to get started with Topshop?

The showroom of Russian designers is a platform for the presentation of modern local brands working in the areas of high fashion, streetwear and casual. The main goal is to show the promising 2018 design brands of the year to representatives of the Russian fashion industry and foreign buyers. Among the participants of the showroom in the 2017 year: Inshade, ZDDZ, Arut MSCW, Masterpeace, Crime and Punishment, Turbo Yulia, Husky Wear, On Course, Oh, my, FYR, Olovo, TZSM and others. According to the results of the showroom, four international showrooms of Russian designers took place in the framework of the BE IN OPEN Forum in Paris, Florence and Tokyo.

One of the most useful formats for business on the Forum is speed-dating. These are short meetings with specialists and companies, during which participants will be able to get acquainted with potential partners - suppliers of fabrics and accessories, sewing manufactures, stylists and marketers. Meetings will be useful both for brands with small volumes of production, and for larger players. Among the participants in the business speed-dating 2018: Premiere Vision (Paris), Uggla (Tokyo), Pantone, Lamoda, VKontakte, KIOSKO, Grafis, Grasser.

The organizer of the Forum - BE IN OPEN - is a magazine about the fashion industry in Russia and the world. The mission of the magazine is to contribute to the modernization of the fashion industry in Russia and to popularize business literacy in a creative environment. The project was formed in 2014 on the basis of the Internet platform

The strategic partner of the Forum is Première Vision, one of the largest exhibitions in the world, which not only unites the leading market players, but also is an important reference point for them. The event has long outgrown the scale of the textile exhibition: here they choose fabrics, learn about trends, listen to lectures and make deals. Première Vision has existed since the 1973 of the year, it constantly monitors the development of technology and expands the field of activity, thanks to which it remains credible and relevant.

The main platform of the Forum - “Bakery” - is an urban space in the territory of the former enterprise of the bakery industry. Now at the Bread Factory there is an Auditorium magazine hall with the largest selection of foreign publications in Russia, a department store for youth clothing brands Khlebny, Yunost, Krakatau, and Mouth-to-mouth stores, as well as exhibitions, concerts, festivals, and markets.

You can follow the program update, schedule of meetings and other news on the official page of the project -

In addition, especially for readers of Shoes Report, a discount on attending the BE IN OPEN 10% Forum by the BIO18xSHOESREPORT promotional code. You can register for participation in the Forum at the link:

The forum of the new fashion industry BE IN OPEN will be held at the 8 and 9 Bakery on June 2018. Over two days, more than 40 speakers will speak at the Forum, whose reports will be grouped in five areas: design, ...

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