Foursquare offers retailers analytics collection service
23.03.2017 1987

Foursquare offers retailers analytics collection service

The Foursquare geolocation service, through which smartphone users can today receive information about cafes and restaurants within walking distance, announced the launch of a new project.

This time, Foursquare has taken care of the retailers and is ready to offer retail managers a service for collecting data on the audience of points of sale, reports TechCrunch.

Using statistics collected by the new Foursquare Analytics service, store owners and managers will be able to compare their own retail data with similar competitors.

Among the data that can be analyzed is the average age of visitors, gender. The service also provides the ability to compare data about new customers with those who visit the store not for the first time.

One of the first customers of Foursquare Analytics was the H&M network. However, the service is suitable for stores of different formats and can be useful both for large retail chains and for individual stores.

The Foursquare geolocation service, with the help of which smartphone users can today receive information about cafes and restaurants within walking distance, announced the launch of ...

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