Obuv Rossii GC opens Orisol training center
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Obuv Rossii GC opens Orisol training center

The Obuv Rossii group of companies and one of the world's leading manufacturers of automated sewing systems, Orisol, have agreed to open the first and only Orisol training center in Russia.

The center will be located on the premises of the Obuv Rossii factory in the city of Berdsk, Novosibirsk Region. Full equipment and a complete set of the center is planned to be completed by October 2016. On the basis of the center, training of specialists in shoe enterprises on working skills on automated sewing systems will be conducted. Investment company Obuv Rossii in the launch and equipping of the center will amount to 20 million rubles.

Orisol is an Israeli company, one of the leaders in the world market for the production of sewing complexes, along with the German Pfaff. Production is based in Israel and Taiwan. Orisol is a manufacturer of new types of machines that are equipped with software and fully automate the process of sewing shoes. The performance of Orisol systems is 5-6 times higher than that of conventional sewing machines. They allow you to produce complex models of shoes with a large number of parts from materials of different textures, as well as achieve high quality of the final product.

The equipment that the training center will be equipped with includes: three Orisol automated sewing complexes (with different sizes for sewing), a computer-controlled milling machine for pallet manufacturing, a set of software and additional tools. This will allow students of the center to master modern production technologies and further introduce them at their own enterprises.

“Previously, Orisol did not have its own training center in Russia. Our partners and customers who purchased the equipment had to go to foreign factories and to our production in Taiwan in order to acquire key skills in working with automated systems. Now we will have a full-fledged site in Russia, where you can not only see the operation of the equipment, but also independently manufacture and test shoe samples, under the supervision of Russian Shoe experts, ”comments Abe Steinbach, vice president of Orisol .

On the basis of the center, scheduled training will be held with a frequency of at least 4 times a year, as well as for additional applications. A training program is currently being developed, which will be presented to potential customers in September 2016. Obuv Rossii will form a team of technology educators who will train shoe companies to work on new machines.

“We appreciate the fact that Orisol chose our company as a partner in opening a training center in Russia,” commented Anton Titov, Director of Obuv Rossii Group of Companies. - Russian shoe production now has great prospects, since the country has a huge domestic market, and the devaluation of the ruble has given a price advantage to local enterprises. Now, many factories in Russia are starting to modernize their own production and are switching to new technologies, which can significantly increase labor productivity, produce a more complex assortment and improve the quality of final products. ”

The Shoe Factory of Russia, which is located in the Novosibirsk Region, is equipped with modern equipment, including Orisol sewing systems. In April, a two-year modernization program for the cutting and sewing workshop of the company was launched; the investment volume will be 300 million rubles. The first step was the acquisition of two sets of new Orisol automated sewing machines and an embroidery machine, which already entered the enterprise in early June. This will allow the company in 2016-2017. double the capacity of the sewing line - up to 200 thousand pairs of shoes per year.

The Obuv Rossii group of companies was founded in 2003; its head office is located in Novosibirsk. The main business areas of the Group are footwear production, retail and wholesale trade in footwear and related products. Obuv Rossii develops five shoe chains: Westfalika (monobrand, mid-price segment), Pedestrian (multi-brand shoe supermarket), Emilia Estra (shoes boutique), Rossita (store for the whole family) and Lisette (fashion shoe salons). The shoe chain "Obuv Rossii" today has more than 450 stores in more than 100 cities. RAEX (Expert RA) assigned the Group an 'A +' credit rating (very high level of creditworthiness), the third sublevel, with a stable outlook. The company's revenue in 2015 according to RAS amounted to 9 billion rubles, net profit - 1,3 billion rubles. The company has online stores westfalika.ru, westfalika-home.ru, emilia-esta.ru, rossita.com.

The Obuv Rossii group of companies and one of the world's leading manufacturers of automated sewing systems, Orisol, have agreed to open the first and only Orisol training center in ...
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