Monopoly games?
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Monopoly games?

The seller of specialized footwear for people with disabilities “Pantry of Health” suspects authorities of violating antitrust laws

The St. Petersburg Social Insurance Fund has announced a competition for the production of orthopedic shoes for 15 million rubles. The company “Treasury of Health” declared in the OFAS in St. Petersburg that officials are imposing the products of certain companies on parents of children with disabilities, says

Alexander Obraztsov, deputy manager of the St. Petersburg regional branch of the social insurance fund, noted that in addition to buying from the winner of the competition, another option for buying is also possible for those who need orthopedic shoes: the shoes are purchased independently, after which the budget reimburses the costs. “Two conditions must be met,” says Alexander Obraztsov. - Shoes should appear in the classifier, and the cost of the product should not exceed the price under the state contract. The numbers are increasing annually; in 2011, more than 180 million rubles were allocated for these purposes. ”

Orthopedic shoes are also purchased from the budget of St. Petersburg: since the beginning of the 2012, the Social Policy Committee spent about 7 million rubles to reimburse the cost of buying orthopedic shoes for those in need. According to officials, a total of 2012 million rubles will be spent on additional rehabilitation funds in 74. According to the head of the department of the methodological guide for the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities of the Committee on Social Policy, Alexander Cheryukanov, in the city since 2006, qualification selection of enterprises for the manufacture of complex orthopedic shoes has been held. Moreover, strict requirements are placed not only on production, but also on products. “The low price of products cannot be the only criterion when choosing the winner of a tender for public procurement of medical devices,” the committee said.

However, Boris Lipner, the head of Treasury Health, filed a complaint with the OFAS in St. Petersburg in order to expose, in his opinion, the unfair distribution of funds under FSS orders: “The city artificially limits the circle of companies operating under state contracts. In St. Petersburg, about 100 private firms sell orthopedic shoes, and they are several times cheaper than those produced by the winners of the city competition. ” In particular, he claims that last year the price for 8 461 a pair of shoes was compensated, about 5000 of them were bought from the Orthopedic Shoes Factory, about 3000 - from ORTO-S. In order to eliminate injustice, Boris Lipner suggests introducing monetization of benefits - they say, then people can decide for themselves where to choose orthopedic shoes.

“The population always has a choice,” counters Alexander Obraztsov. - Mr. Lipner is disingenuous. We are not against expanding the number of enterprises operating under a state contract. The FAS has checked the Social Insurance Fund on several occasions and has not revealed any violations of antitrust laws. A state contract was not concluded with the Pantry Health, because the head did not submit a certificate from the tax inspectorate. Nevertheless, last year 18 clients who purchased orthopedic shoes in this company received compensation from the FSS. ”

The Pantry of Health did not participate in the selection for the supply of orthopedic shoes. It was about the supply of canes. Moreover, the company could not participate in the selection for shoes, as it does not have its own production. This is confirmed by Boris Lipner, who said that he was not a manufacturer of orthopedic shoes. What is curious, in a complaint to the OFAS he also indicates that the controlled company “produces and sells orthopedic shoes”.

Officials and experts warn: complex products cannot simply be bought ready-made at the store, they will most likely simply be of inadequate quality. In order for a shoe to truly fit, it must be made individually by foot, and in order to understand whether the product is harmful, a “trial period” of at least 7 days is needed.

One way or another, but this is not the first scandal surrounding the sale of shoes to people with disabilities in Russia, summarizes.

The seller of specialized footwear for people with disabilities “Pantry of Health” suspects the authorities of violating antitrust laws. The St. Petersburg Social Insurance Fund has announced a competition for ...

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