Online stores will be taken under control
18.06.2014 1911

Online stores will be taken under control

A unified system for collecting data from online stores may appear in Russia. This proposal was developed by the activists of the public movement BezMoshennichestvo RF for representatives of the Federal Tax Service and the Ministry of Economic Development. According to the leader of the youth Internet movement, Vladimir Demikhov, at present, trading operations on the Internet are practically not regulated in any way, while the turnover of the online market is growing every year. Most of the online stores that provide goods and services are not registered with supervisory authorities.

Activists suggested that they create a single online order form for online stores, which will enable the centralized collection of data on all online orders on the territory of Runet. All the information received in the final version, according to the plan of the activists, will be transferred to the federal and regional divisions of the Federal Tax Service, which will be able to control the integrity of Internet sellers.

“After we conducted the monitoring, we noticed that about 80% of chain stores do not have information on registration and trade permits on their websites. They sell, but no one controls their sales and profits, - says the leader of the youth Internet movement Vladimir Demikhov. - With the creation of a single register, the consumer will be able to enter it, insert the link and verify the authenticity. In addition, it will be possible to track the quality of products, as well as how much the store carries out trade.

Demikhov explained that now it is possible to detect which online store is registered and which is not possible only after an inspection by law enforcement agencies, which, in turn, delays the detection procedure and is often ineffective due to the lack of evidence from the victims.

Now in Russia there is a non-profit organization Association of Internet Trade Companies (AKIT) - it appeared on August 15, 2012. Its goal is to establish fair competition principles, create a safe service zone for customers in the e-commerce market, as well as strengthen the positions of civilized players and reduce the share of the gray market. Today, AKIT includes about 22 large companies that provide online trading services.

AKIT President Sergei Rumyantsev supported the proposal to create a unified system that can "whiten the industry."

“So far there are no separate laws that regulate online commerce. Maybe they shouldn't be, because online trading is no different from regular trading. All that is needed is simply to comply with the current legislation and tax and customs services. The biggest problems that exist now are non-payment of social taxes. I'm talking about payroll taxes even by large companies - everything goes in envelopes, and this is a very large part. In addition, trade is practiced in gray, counterfeit goods, that is, goods that have not passed customs clearance and have not been paid VAT. Online commerce is hard to track. About 40 thousand, if not more, registered online stores exist, and hundreds of them disappear every month, and then appear. According to our estimate, 70-80% of those involved in this are unscrupulous people.

A unified system for collecting data from online stores may appear in Russia.

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