Exhibition IT Platform
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Exhibition IT Platform

A presentation of the innovative exhibition platform EXPOWL took place in Moscow, the functions of which make it possible to radically increase the efficiency of all exhibition events in the world. The platform will be used for the first time at the BUYBRAND Expo and the international brand and image licensing salon LicensingSalon in September 2016, and is expected to be extremely popular with small and medium-sized businesses from all over the world, as it gives the opportunity to participate in the event simultaneously in two realities - offline and online.

“This is a completely new stage in the development of the global exhibition industry: this project combines two realities, because the exhibitors and guests of the exhibition will now be able to attend the event simultaneously offline and online, and at the same time with the same opportunities. Therefore, the platform that we have developed for our exhibitors, visitors and exhibitors is truly unique and opens up new prospects for promoting business concepts, will involve significantly more entrepreneurs in negotiations and business program events, will attract new partners from all over the world and will significantly increase the conversion rate from participation at the exhibition, ”notes Ekaterina Soyak, CEO of the Russian company EMTG, which is the author of the unprecedented project. 

According to Soyak, for the first time in the history of the exhibition industry, it was possible to erase the boundaries between those who attend the exhibition realistically and those who follow the event online. “In order for the visitor, who for some reason could not come to Moscow to the franchise exhibition, to feel the powerful effect of presence, the platform interface is as close to reality as possible: the 3D interactive model is recreated - a copy of the exhibition center on Krasnaya Presnya, where all the stands are located exhibitors according to their real locations. Interesting pavilions can be virtually visited, viewed advertising materials, download presentations and booklets, as well as get in touch with a representative of any company in the messenger or through video communication, ”says Ekaterina Soyak.

The new exhibition platform will be equally convenient, useful and effective for both online and offline visitors. “Since visitors and exhibitors are always limited in time, they need to effectively hold meetings with precisely those companies that best meet their requirements. Our platform, thanks to filters, will automatically find the right people. Exhibitors will also have the opportunity to choose a stand model for themselves, after which they will be able to brand it and upload advertising materials, videos, brochures, presentations and other information that will become available to all visitors, "EMTG said.

The presentation of the innovative exhibition platform was attended by about 100 leading representatives of the franchising business in Russia, including such well-known companies as Invitro, Tele2, Coral Travel, World Class, Beeline, Rosinter Restaurants, Domino's Pizza, Shokoladnitsa, Coffeeshop, Expedition, SOHO Fashion, etc. “This is really a step forward. We at Expedition have long been thinking about how to make sure that people who could not visit the exhibition see everything with our eyes. We hope that now it will become possible, - says the founder of the RUYAN Group of Companies Alexander Kravtsov. - In addition, this exhibition format opens up endless opportunities for development not only on a national scale, but on a global scale. Of course, we cannot refuse from the offline exhibitions we are used to, but together with the online reality the combination will be the best. "  

According to Yakob Treskov, CEO of SOHO Fashion, first of all, this development will cover the entire territory of Russia. “Today, not every company is ready to pay a substantial sum for a flight from Vladivostok to Moscow to the exhibition. Because of this, the Far Eastern region is practically not covered by large franchise networks and is of great interest to them. It seems to me that the new format will open up colossal opportunities for development, and, by the way, not only in Russia, but also abroad, ”comments Yakob Treskov. Also, in his opinion, today there is not enough information about the companies participating in the exhibition, which would contain specific data, including the financial condition of the seller. Unscrupulous visitors will be scared off by the entrance fee to the virtual exhibition. Let the amount of 1000-1500 rubles, which is supposed to be paid for using this service, is small, but it is unlikely that it will be paid by a person who is not inclined to business negotiations and the conclusion of contracts. "

The development of a unique exhibition platform is carried out by Armenian IT specialists. After the launch of the project, EMTG expects that the number of visitors to the BUYBRAND Expo exhibition will increase 5-7 times over the next three years, primarily due to entrepreneurs from remote regions of Russia and the CIS.

A presentation of the innovative exhibition platform EXPOWL took place in Moscow, the functions of which make it possible to dramatically increase the efficiency of all exhibition events in ...

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