Only about 30% of retailers managed to connect to online cash desks
18.05.2017 1682

Only about 30% of retailers managed to connect to online cash desks

In “Opora Rossii”, it was estimated that by July 1, the effective date of the obligation to use cash registers of a new type, only half of the entrepreneurs will be able to connect, ”Kommersant writes.

According to the Federal Tax Service (FTS), a third of all cash registers have now been transferred to the new mechanism - "almost 130 thousand taxpayers have transferred over 420 thousand units of cash registers to the new order." According to Opora Rossii's estimates, by July 1, about 1,2 million cash registers of the old model should be replaced.

However, entrepreneurs everywhere face a shortage of cash registers, fiscal drives, and maintenance specialists.

For non-use of KKT, a business that must work through the cashier faces a fine of 25-50% of the amount passed by the cash desk, but not less than 10 thousand rubles. for officials. For legal entities, the punishment can be 75-100% of this amount, but not less than 30 thousand rubles.

Opor Rossii insists on narrowing the circle of business entities obliged to use online cash registers, and proposes to free them from the need to work with new cash registers, for example, those who work under a patent, as well as vending machines for which the necessary software has not yet been created. provision. Today, only individual entrepreneurs who work under a patent and who are engaged in, for example, selling in disorder, selling newspapers, drinks from cisterns, etc., are exempted from the use of online cash registers - a total of 20 types of activities.

The "Support of Russia" estimated that by July 1, the effective date of the obligation to use the cash registers of the new model, only half will have time to connect ...

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