Keddo chose blogger Elena Sheidlin to face his collection
15.08.2017 3356

Keddo chose blogger Elena Sheidlin to face his collection

The popular Instagram blogger and model Elena Sheidlina became the face of the new school collection of the Keddo shoe brand for the fall-winter 2017/18 season.

“I really like what Keddo does. Previously, we worked together on creative online projects and were satisfied with the results. Therefore, when I was offered to become the face of a new school collection, I gladly agreed. We constantly shared ideas, invented something new, and improvised. As a result, we managed to tell our photos exactly the story we wanted. Now I can proudly call myself part of this brand, ”says Elena Sheidlina. The number of subscribers to the Sheidlina blog on the social network Instagram is more than 3 million. Also, a twenty-three-year-old girl blogs on social networks Youtube, Facebook, Vkontakte and Twitter.

The range of the new school collection of the Keddo brand is quite wide. Actual glitter, noble varnish, shining accessories, trendy faux fur and pompons, unexpected combinations of textures - the most important trends of the season, all this is present in the shoe line. These are stylish teenage shoes without restrictions. It is perfect not only for school, but also for parties, travel, comfortable walks.

The KEDDO collection for the Fall-Winter 2017/2018 season went on sale in July 2017 and is available in KEDDO brand stores, the brand’s official online store and affiliate multi-brand online stores.


The popular instagram blogger and fashion model Elena Sheidlina has become the face of the new school collection of the Keddo shoe brand for the fall-winter season ...

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