ECCO collection for bikers
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ECCO collection for bikers

One of the world's largest shoe manufacturers, the Danish company ECCO has supported the creation of a unique motorcycle, which from Russia will participate in races in the American Bonneville “Bonneville speed week” from 13 to 19 on August. The company was accompanied by a limited edition collection of t-shirts and shoes “Choice of Bikers”.

Bonneville is one of the largest salt lakes on earth (260 square kilometers), located in Utah, USA. In summer, when the lake is completely shallow during a drought, hundreds of race car drivers and amateur enthusiasts from all over the world come here to compete in the most incredible and exotic cars and motorcycles and accelerate them to infinity.

The Russian team will participate in these competitions for the first time.

In 2015, the Fine Custom Mechanics workshop began preparations for participating in the Bonneville speed week, which required the construction of a unique racing motorcycle. It was decided to create a motorcycle from the maximum number of parts manufactured in the USSR / Russia. So, the heart of the motorcycle was the M-72 1956 engine of the year, used in military equipment. The designed motorcycle was called "Bonny", and the action "Bonny goes to Bonneville" itself.

As a sponsor of the project, ECCO released a limited collection of T-shirts and a special collection of shoes. All models passed strict selection and examination by the Russian team of athletes “Bonneville speed week”.

One of the world's largest shoe manufacturers, the Danish company ECCO has supported the creation of a unique motorcycle that Russia will take part in racing in American Bonneville ...

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