FURLA's My PlayFurla Collection Presentation of the My PlayFurla collection in Milan at Palazzo Cusani
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FURLA's My PlayFurla Collection

In Milan, as part of the presentation of the new fall-winter 2017 collection, which was held in the halls of Palazzo Cusani, Furla presented a capsule collection dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Italian accessories brand. The collection demonstrates the evolution of the most famous Furla model - Metropolis.

As conceived by Furla creative director Fabio Fusi, each period in the history of the brand and the world is reflected in one of nine unique Metropolis models.

The number nine is the main thing in this capsule collection: nine decades, nine handbags, each of which represents its decade from the history of Furla. The basic models themselves are presented in five different colors. A total of 45 variations of Metropolis tell the story of fashion, the history of the style and taste of women for 90 years.

A journey into the history of Furla begins in The Roaring Twenties, the Charleston and Romance era that is described so well in Francis Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Unbridled fun, parties on the French Riviera and the Art Deco era - all this is reflected in the design of Metropolis, made of velvet with metal decoration and rhinestones.

The next stop in time is the 30th. Jazz and Marlene Dietrich became symbols of this era. Precious materials, fur and suede best reflect the luxury of the time.

Next in line is the 40s. The military uniform, as well as the romantic mood that hung in the air after the war, served as inspiration. Swing, dancing and a feeling of imminent happiness - a decade of new beginnings. Prints with polka dots and an unusual finish in the form of shuttlecocks give the impression of freedom.

The 50s is the era of rock and roll, music that still makes us dance. Metropolis is in keeping with the spirit of that decade: a vibrant color, trim that resembles a car seat and, of course, stripes, like on the Ivy League university jackets.

60s - The Beatles' triumph and Mondrian’s geometry. Silk-screened fringe and other details will tell the fashion story of the past decade.

The 70s were a revolutionary era: disco, Studio 54, sparkle and absolute freedom in everything: suede, eco-fur and sequins adorn Metropolis this decade.

The 80s is the birthplace of punk. Fashion becomes provocative, accessories flashy. Pins and spiked jackets are an inspiration for Fabio Fusi. Metal details, as well as a heart with the inscription “Furla 80” complete the bag of that era. In addition, one of the models is decorated with a British-black-white-gray flag.

The 90s is the birthplace of hip-hop and ostentatious wealth. Neoprene, leather and the number 90 remind of this time best.

The 2000s began with the techno boom. Japanese manga and Sci-Fi aesthetics take the form of metal and shine, rich colors and elegant floral motifs adorn the handbags of the time.

The new My PlayFurla capsule collection will appear in boutiques around the world in May: nine colors, nine models and nine Furla stories already told.

In Milan, as part of the presentation of the new fall-winter 2017 collection, which was held in the halls of Palazzo Cusani, Furla presented a capsule collection dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the Italian brand of accessories. ...

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