Camper introduced a new line of shoes "Ceremony"
19.04.2011 4438

Camper introduced a new line of shoes "Ceremony"

Company camper introduced a new line of shoes "Ceremony" from the collection camper "Spring-Summer 2011". The main features of the Camper women's shoe collection are sophistication, modern design and elegance.

Inspired by the animation world, Belgian designer Bernard Wilhelm has replenished the Camper Together collection with elegant “voluminous” shoes - high-heeled pumps. In the manufacture of the heel, special plastic was used, which provides the shoes with lightness.

The Olivia BDC line is inspired by traditional clogs and their clean, simple lines. Here, natural fabrics are successfully combined with modern materials. In this elegant model, genuine leather made using herbal extracts was used. The anatomical insole EVA provides a soft gait, and a rubber sole prevents slipping. Shoes are made in pink and black.

Another novelty is soft ballet shoes for children - Right. Models are made in a minimalist style, but complemented by functional details - rubber straps that make shoes easy to put on. When developing ballet shoes, the idea of ​​glove design was used: they are so soft that they ideally sit on the foot, fitting it and repeating all its bends. Ballet flats are steady thanks to a rubber sole, and an anatomical insole provides additional comfort. Ballet shoes are presented in a palette of delicate pastel shades of pink.

Camper introduced the new Ceremony shoe line from the Camper Spring-Summer 2011 collection. The main features of the Camper shoe collection are sophistication, modern design and ...

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