Mila company has collected applications for 15 000 pairs of children's shoes “Lel”
14.04.2011 3469

Mila company has collected applications for 15 000 pairs of children's shoes “Lel”

For five days, during which the presentation of the collection "Winter 2011-2012" of children's footwear TM "Lel" in Yekaterinburg took place, the company "Mila" - wholesale footwear "collected applications for 15 thousand pairs of shoes.

The company believes that this figure indicates a good demand for Lel shoes, which remained at a fairly high level last year in almost all groups. However, the peculiarity of the last presentation was the unpopularity of girls' shoes 35-40 sizes on leather and fur. Perhaps this was due to high purchasing activity on children's boots, which replaced leather shoes.

The presentation was visited by Irina Kozlovskaya, the head of the commercial department of the Lel shoe factory. She announced the purchase of a factory in Noginsk, thanks to which the volume of production will increase to 470 thousand pairs per year. “We've heard about Mil as a cutting edge sales representative, and now we decided to see how things really work. The summing up system itself seemed to be especially interesting - everything works very quickly, accurately and debugged. Perhaps we will use this invaluable experience and add something to our program to achieve the same result. Once again, we were convinced of the convenience of using the bar-coding system when distributing goods. And if we introduce it at home, it will only help our leading distributors and customers to be comfortable working with our assortment. Because at present, this system is only necessary for large trade and purchasing organizations that have a large trade nomenclature. It is less in our country than in such organizations, ”said Irina Kozlovskaya. 

For five days, during which the presentation of the collection "Winter 2011-2012" of children's shoes TM "Lel" in Yekaterinburg took place, the company "Mila" - wholesale shoes "collected applications for 15 thousand pairs ...

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