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The businessman advocated restricting purchases in foreign online stores

At the forum "Open Innovations" in Moscow, the topic of a possible toughening of conditions for the purchase of goods by Russian consumers abroad was discussed, which became especially relevant for the founder of KupiVip, Oskar Hartmann. According to him, Russia today in this segment looks like a huge duty free zone, since purchases abroad are not subject to customs duties.

“We create infrastructure here, pay taxes, but the cost of our goods is 50% more expensive,” says Hartmann. "No country in the world allows you to buy everyday goods in other countries without paying taxes and customs fees." According to Hartmann, it is more profitable for him not to start a business in Russia, but to create companies outside its borders, sending goods to Russia and saving on customs and tax payments.

The founder of KupiVip said that it was for this reason that his company, which deals with discount sales of imported "luxury" clothing and footwear brands, has opened warehouses in Germany and China. By the way, Hartmann has a pretty serious opponent - eBay. The company is negotiating a direct partnership with Russian Post, and the department will not only transport parcels from eBay to Russian buyers, but also naturalize the PayPal payment system.

Hartmann's ideas at Open Innovation were heard. As the Deputy Minister of Telecom and Mass Communications Denis Sverdlov said, the ministry is already "working" to revise the conditions for the purchase of goods by Russian citizens in foreign online stores. These purchases are not subject to VAT and are free of customs duties if the amount does not exceed 40 rubles per month. “The main problem today is that it is cheaper to order abroad than to buy in Russia,” said Denis Sverdlov. “From the point of view of Russian entrepreneurs engaged in online commerce within the country, this is wrong.”

However, later, the Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications denied information from the media that Deputy Minister Denis Sverdlov announced the creation of a working group that will develop changes in the taxation of purchases in foreign online stores. “The Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of Russia did not come forward with the initiative to take measures in the field of Internet trade of foreign companies in the Russian market. No legislative changes are being prepared or planned, ”the press service of the ministry said. Modanews.ru writes about it.

A businessman advocated restricting purchases in foreign online stores At the Open Innovations forum in Moscow, the topic of a possible tightening of purchase conditions by Russian consumers was discussed ...

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