Suite will grow online
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Suite will grow online

A difficult situation has developed on the Russian market due to the protracted economic crisis. The luxury goods niche also did not escape difficulties - sales began to fall even before the collapse of the ruble. According to Miroslav Zubachevsky, managing director of the KupiVIP E-Commerce Services division, "in 2014 the luxury market experienced the maximum decline in the last ten years."

Against this background, online sales are becoming a more promising area than traditional shopping. “Right now, the Internet can attract new consumers, as the profitability of the price comes to the fore,” says Anna Lebsak-Kleimans, CEO of Fashion Consulting Group. "The Internet attracts thrifty shoppers and makes them feel like a rational choice."

So the big online luxury sellers are not discouraged yet. And even, on the contrary, they record an increase in sales. “In the first nine months of last year, the Yoox Group has again positive results: our total revenue was 366,3 million euros, which is 17,9% more than in the same period in 2013. And Russia, in spite of everything, remains one of our most successful areas, showing monthly growth in sales, ”says Silvia Scanelli, director of corporate development and financial communications at Yoox Group. Today, the latter presents 37 mono-brand online boutiques and three multi-brand ones. At the end of last year, the group expanded to include the Lanvin online store, and this year a new concept for the boutique will be presented.

Representatives of the Russian virtual trade also noted positive changes. “Despite the fall in the ruble, the increase in purchase prices, the demand for premium clothing in Russia is growing. Compared to last year, the increase in orders and turnover in our online boutique exceeded 30%. This year we have significantly expanded the list of premium brands, made a mobile application, and updated the store design, ”says Anton Trishin, Brand Director of

According to market players, growth will not stop in the near future, and the role of online trading will only increase. “A generation of new luxury consumers has grown up, for whom the Internet is very important, and representatives of the luxury business cannot ignore it. We expect online sales of luxury brands to grow five times faster than the overall luxury market in the coming years, ”said Silvia Scanelli of the Yoox Group.

But this does not mean that "dear" players can relax and rest on their laurels. “Retailers and brands themselves that are not able to offer the buyer a profitable, relevant and personalized selling proposition, which is very important in a luxury format, will gradually lose a buyer,” emphasizes Zubachevsky from KupiVIP. Therefore, luxury brands are now looking for new ways to survive in the virtual space.

A difficult situation has developed on the Russian market due to the protracted economic crisis. The luxury goods niche also did not escape difficulties - sales began to fall even before the collapse ...

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