Mascotte is getting ready for Christmas
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Mascotte is getting ready for Christmas

Shoe brand Mascotte together with London's Central Saint Martins College held a competition for the best Christmas window dressing

The competition was attended by six designers - college graduates. Their work was reviewed by a panel of experts led by Jonathan Baker, an international visual merchandising expert at the WorldSkills global non-profit association.

“We were faced with a difficult task to come up with a unified concept for decorating the Christmas windows of our stores located in the northern and southern hemispheres, unlike Europe and Russia, Christmas in Australia is celebrated at the height of summer. We got the idea to do a joint project with the world famous London Central College of Art and Design. Saint Martin. And this experience turned out to be incredibly interesting for us, ”said Elena Solovyova, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at Mascotte.

“The process of working with Mascotte and the alumni was very interesting for me. On the one hand, it is a well-known international brand with an extensive retail network in different countries and an excellent understanding of its customers. On the other hand, there are talented and already experienced young designers, college graduates with a high level of creative thinking. Combining these two elements to create a single Christmas concept for different countries was a major challenge. Graduates already have their own experience and knowledge in the field of visual merchandising, and it was a great pleasure for me to analyze their ideas and guide them towards the final result, ”notes Jonathan Baker.

The winner was Paulo Goldstein, whose idea was the most extraordinary, and the technical parameters easily adapted to various types of display cases.

Mascotte is a brand of women's and men's shoes and accessories. Today, Mascotte has a well-developed retail network in different countries of the world, writes riamoda.ru. The brand entered Russia in 2000, today the Mascotte retail network in our country has more than 100 stores.

The shoe brand Mascotte, together with London's Central Saint Martins College, held a competition for the best Christmas window dressing. Six designers, college graduates, took part in the competition.…

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