Sock masks - the most popular related product
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Sock masks - the most popular related product

During the year, Obuv Rossii Group of Companies expanded the product line of Westfalika Medical related products by 50% - from 40 to 60 SKUs. Sock masks are on sale this year; a protective spray that acts as a "liquid adhesive plaster", a cosmetic line of hand care products; face scrub and accessories. Record-breaking sales among other foot care products were sock masks that arrived at Westfalika and Pedestrian stores in February.

Sock masks are an intensively restoring foot mask that helps soften, restore dry leather of the feet and heels, and improve its appearance. The range of sock masks includes three types with different active ingredients, such as mint, milk and lemon.

A batch of goods from 30 thousand units. Obuv Rossii sold four times faster than planned: not for 12, but for three months, despite the fact that this is a new product for customers that has not previously been presented in stores. In the second half of the year, an additional order of the party was made in the amount of 30 thousand units. In the future, it is planned to expand the range, and in December new products will be delivered in the amount of 120 thousand pieces.

To date, the direction of related products in Shoe stores of Russia is represented by clothing, bags, leather goods, shoe care products, hosiery and foot care products - more than 1000 SKU. In 2013, sales of related products in the Shoe of Russia network amounted to 865 million rubles, which is 2,7 times higher than the 2012 year. In 2014, the company plans to increase sales by 70% to 1,5 billion rubles, and increase the share of related products in revenue to 20%.

Obuv Rossii GC expanded the product line of Westfalika Medical related products by 50% over the year from 40 to 60 SKU.

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