Mila lost a discount
28.04.2014 5404

Mila lost a discount

SAI reduced the discount percentage for Mila due to accounts receivable. According to a representative of the WBL brand, the measure will be in effect until the debt is repaid.

“Of course, I didn't really want to lose a few percent of the discount, but on the other hand, we support such actions of the supplier. The cost of post-paid wholesale children's shoes should always be lower than deferred payment prices. As far as I know, Sai builds such tough conditions with almost all of its customers. The company said that so far there are exceptions: a large shoe chain and another distributor. If such a concession with the network is quite understandable - its volume of purchases is so great that it allows to cover the costs of accounts receivable, then concessions to the distributor are justified only by the history of cooperation. In the second case, Sai plans to stop making concessions. We believe in this, because today we see similar measures in relation to Mila, one of the most reliable and successful wholesalers of WBL children's footwear. Such adherence to principles is worthy of respect. I would like other manufacturers to adhere to a similar policy with all their customers without exception, "commented the manager of Mila - wholesale footwear" Alexander Borodin.

SAI has reduced the discount percentage for Mila due to accounts receivable. According to a representative of the WBL brand, the measure will be in effect until maturity ...

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