Mila calls for increased procurement rate
09.04.2014 7065

Mila calls for increased procurement rate

Ural distributor "Mila" - wholesale shoes "has outlined its position regarding the minimum rate for the purchase of children's shoes in bulk from manufacturers' warehouses.

“As a supporter of increasing the purchase rate from two or more boxes, I am confident that this benefits both parties to the transaction. So regional distributors increase the turnover by purchasing large quantities of rated goods. The sales growth of Mila in 2014, which we reported in the recent news, confirms this. Of course, this is beneficial for factories, because in this way they significantly reduce logistics costs, the number of shipping documents (it is better to have one invoice for 20 boxes than 20 and each box has one), and hence labor costs. While factories ship from one box, they compete with distributors. We hope that soon all manufacturers will appreciate the benefits of the strategy of increasing the shipment rate and reach the value of one euro pallet per model. Unfortunately, today not a single supplier of children's footwear wholesale has come to realize this problem, "said the manager of Mila - wholesale footwear" Alexander Borodin.

However, Mila also cites positive examples: “ObuvProm (Top-Top brand) and Tuchkovskaya Shoe Factory (EcoTex brand) started a fairly successful fight against retail trade from the factory's warehouses. with barcodes, are discounted and successfully sold through distributors. "

The Ural distributor "Mila" - wholesale footwear "has outlined its position regarding the minimum standard for the purchase of children's footwear in bulk from warehouses ...

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