Mila sells surplus children's shoes
27.12.2013 7561

Mila sells surplus children's shoes

Mila has summed up the interim results of the discounts on footwear of the Kotofey and EcoTex brands. According to Mila's representatives, the range of Kotofey TM's illiquid assets has decreased from 140 to 96 models. At the same time, the volume of sales over the past week amounted to more than 11,5 thousand pairs of wholesale brand children's shoes. In addition, the products continue to arrive at Mila's warehouse, and the company plans to sell at least 6 thousand more pairs under this promotion.

A similar picture has developed with EcoTex products. In the framework of the campaign “Any pair of shoes for 200 rubles”, it was possible to sell more than 4,5 thousand pairs of textile sneakers by the beginning of December, and another 6,5 thousand in plans for the near future. Mila also decided to extend this event, for which it is currently purchasing wholesale EcoTex TM children's shoes in bulk at stock prices. Formed stocks, according to the wholesaler, will be enough for another month of trading, that is, approximately until the end of January 2014 of the year. This range will be sold at previously announced stock prices.

Mila summed up the interim results of discounts for shoes of the Kotofey and EcoTex brands. According to the representatives of Mila, that at present the assortment of illiquid assets of TM Kotofey has decreased from ...

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