Mila sells nerostovka in boxes
18.11.2013 6709

Mila sells nerostovka in boxes

The ObuvProm company, the manufacturer of the Top-Top brand, has begun selling boxes of children's shoes with incomplete size ranges through the regional distributor Mila-Footwear Wholesale.

Models of the current season are offered to the owners of retail stores at prices reduced by 30%, in the heading "Factory discounts" of the wholesale online store "Mila", where currently there are about 200 nomenclatures of textile sneakers TM "Top-top" wholesale. They are assembled into whole boxes with any size filling. At first, ObuvProm did not indicate the size of the box. Now the factory has taken the second step towards the customers, having marked its complete set on each package with "non-build-up".

“The prices are favorable, the models are good, the only reason for the markdown is the lack of certain dimensions in each box. Thanks to the actions of ObuvProm, the "non-growth" complete with boxes and supplied with barcodes becomes available to distributors. Especially those who have established information exchange with suppliers. Then the product goes into circulation to small wholesalers and retail stores. Such a scheme significantly increases the sales market for "non-growth" and should practically remove this problem from the manufacturer. I believe that the sale of models with "broken" size series of whole boxes is the most effective way to return working capital to production and promptly release warehouses from illiquid assets. We are very pleased that the ObuvProm manufacturer has appeared, who realized the importance of this business process and began to actively implement it, especially since it does not require special expenses. The only pity is that the sale of textile sneakers today is somewhat difficult, since the season for this group of shoes has not yet come. This product will be in demand in April, when retail will start preparing for late spring and summer. Nevertheless, the example is positive and deserves the attention of other manufacturers, who are still trying to sell non-overstop products through their own retail chains, increasing the sales time and labor costs, "commented Alexander Borodin, manager of Mila-Footwear Wholesale.

"Nerostovka" is formed in many factories due to the identification of defective items. Such pairs of shoes are immediately excluded from the batch of goods, as a result of which a pass is formed in the size of the model box. The disadvantage is made up by adding any other size of the same model to the box.

The ObuvProm company, the manufacturer of the Top-top brand, has started selling boxes of children's shoes with incomplete size ranges through the regional distributor Mila —obuv ...

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